Young Koreans Less Keen on Crypto Taxation Than Older Generations, Poll Finds

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Young Koreans Less Keen connected  Crypto Taxation Than Older Generations, Poll Finds

Opponents of the government’s program to taxation gains from cryptocurrency trading outnumber supporters among South Koreans successful their 20s, a caller survey shows. Representatives of different property groups are much unfastened to the projected taxation of investments successful virtual assets.

Nearly Half of Young Koreans Reject Tax connected Crypto Profits

According to the poll, a small much than fractional of South Koreans enactment the taxing of profits from cryptocurrency trading, section media reported connected Monday. In numbers, 53.7 percent of the respondents backmost the authorities’ inaugural to levy taxes connected superior gains from deals with integer money, portion 38.3 percent reason it.

Young Koreans Less Keen connected  Crypto Taxation Than Older Generations, Poll Finds

However, young radical successful the country, oregon the astir progressive cryptocurrency users, are much apt to disagree. 47.8 percent of the respondents aged betwixt 20 and 29 stated that they were against the planned tax, outnumbering those that are successful favor, 47.5 percent.

The largest stock of supporters is among citizens successful their 40s (62.1 percent), followed by those successful their 50s (57.2 percent), and 30s (55.4 percent). Slightly much than fractional of radical aged 70 and older (52.6 percent) agreed with the projected taxation, indicates the canvass conducted by Realmeter among 500 Korean residents aged 18 and older.

Majority of Korean Women Support Seoul’s Tax Plan

The survey, ordered by the YTN quality channel, besides shows that Korean women are much predisposed to judge crypto taxation than men. According to the information quoted by Yonhap, 60 percent of the pistillate respondents agreed with the government’s determination to enforce taxation connected gains from crypto investments adjacent year, portion lone astir a 3rd voiced their objection. The organisation among antheral participants is divided astir successful fractional – 47.3 percent enactment the measurement and 45.7 percent reason it.

Young Koreans Less Keen connected  Crypto Taxation Than Older Generations, Poll Finds

A study by The Korea Herald notes that young radical are the astir progressive participants successful the crypto space. Quoting numbers provided by lawmaker Kwon Eun-hee, the paper reveals that 2.35 cardinal Koreans successful their 20s and 30s person traded coins astatine slightest erstwhile connected immoderate of the country’s 4 largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Starting from January 2022, the authorities successful Seoul plans to tax profits from specified trades astatine a 20% complaint for amounts exceeding 2.5 cardinal Korean won (around $2,200).

What’s your sentiment astir the planned taxation for cryptocurrency investments successful South Korea? Share your thoughts connected the taxable successful the comments conception below.

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