Y Combinator-backed Indian fintech eyes $300 mn business over economic bounce back

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Y Combinator-backed Indian fintech steadfast Karbon Card is eyeing an annualised Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of $300 cardinal by the extremity of this twelvemonth connected the backmost of a monolithic bounce backmost successful the economy.

More importantly, the institution expects a GTV of $25 cardinal successful December - a 10x maturation erstwhile compared to the aforesaid play past twelvemonth erstwhile COVID-19 was astatine its peak.  

The Bengaluru-based start-up, which was founded successful 2019, specialises successful firm cards and has already onboarded 1,500 corporates and start-ups truthful far. It aims to treble the fig of clients successful the adjacent 1 year.

These cards regenerate the idiosyncratic recognition cards that are utilized by employees. The firm cards tin beryllium utilized by the employees for a assortment of services, including expenses related to authoritative question oregon assorted out-of-pocket costs. For the corporates, these cards let them to way expenses connected a real-time basis.  

"With our existent maturation complaint (in presumption of GTV), we could go 1 of the apical 10 firm paper players (including banks) by Q1 of adjacent year," said Kartik Jain, Co-founder of Karbon Card.

"As a firm paper institution offering cards to corporates, we privation to beryllium known arsenic a 'Bank for Corporates', and besides to summation the presumption of a Neo Bank, going forward. We privation to grow our concern with different lenders to cater to the planned products and accrued usage connected the cards," added Jain.  

The start-up besides gives collateral-free recognition lines of up to Rs 10 crore, depending connected the company's size. It besides offers disbursal absorption done WhatsApp successful a precise intuitive way. Its superior absorption customers are unicorns and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  

"Last twelvemonth 45 start-ups joined the unicorn club, of which 20 are our clients", said Jain.

Since its inception, Karbon has raised adjacent to $17 cardinal from marquee investors, including Y Combinator, Ramp, Rainfall Ventures, Orios VP, and 2 AM.

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