When Protecting Criminals Comes at the Expense of Victims

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By Nikki Goeser & John R. Lott Jr. for RealClearPolitics

It took 4 years and 9 months earlier Nicolas Cruz was yet sentenced for the execution of seventeen radical successful the horrific Parkland massacre.

So overmuch of the ineligible strategy focuses connected fairness to the criminal; but the harm to the victims and their families arsenic they hold for proceedings is tremendous. Those who person to attest oregon springiness unfortunate interaction statements indispensable continually deliberation astir what they volition accidental astatine trial. There is besides uncertainty astir the verdict and whether the murderer will be punished.

In the Parkland case, the victims were denied the closure of Cruz receiving the decease penalty. 

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We person seen the consequences of proceedings delays firsthand. Nikki Goeser, the co-author here, helplessly witnessed her husband, Ben, murdered successful beforehand of her by her stalker connected April 2, 2009. The murderer had agelong been obsessed with her. Nor was determination any doubt astir who the murderer was. Hank Wise changeable her hubby to decease successful beforehand of 50 witnesses and was filmed on a restaurant’s security video. 

Incredibly, Nikki is inactive dealing with the ineligible fallout from that case. The murderer has continued stalking her, and a caller trial, originally scheduled for the 3rd effort on Nov. 8, now won’t hap until January 2023.

There was nary uncertainty that helium had cautiously planned the execution successful advance.

The nighttime earlier the murder, helium had posted connected societal media: 

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Predator vs. Prey. I cognize who you are, run. Where volition you enactment wherever I cant find you? At home, astatine dinner, successful your sleep, each f***ing waking moment. This is going to beryllium precise painful. Youve pissed maine disconnected now. You are astir to spot my atrocious side. What benignant of beingness bash you person now?! You are everlastingly un-forgiven.

In the stalker’s motortruck successful the edifice parking batch the nighttime of Ben’s murder, constabulary recovered 2 much guns (a shotgun and rifle), ammo, a shot bat, binoculars, gloves, rope, and a knife.

This was a clear-cut case. But the proceedings was delayed respective times and didn’t hap until 3 years later, connected April 9, 2012. Nikki knew she would person to testify. As each proceedings day approached, she had to hole herself and relive the horrifying events.

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Victims interest astir whether they volition bash a bully job. What volition the defence lawyer bash to them? Nikki couldn’t enactment it down her. We cognize the nightmares that she had to unrecorded through. Nightmares that she has continued to unrecorded with to this day.

Unfortunately, the murderer didn’t get the punishment helium deserved. He didn’t get the decease punishment oregon adjacent a beingness sentence. The decease punishment is disposable successful Tennessee, but the district attorney successful Davidson County opposed utilizing it. Despite each the grounds of premeditation and planning, the wide justice reduced the condemnation to second degree murder. 

The murderer is inactive obsessed with Nikki, and she fears his release. He had her lawyer’s code and had been sending her letters earlier his 2012 trial. Nikki begged the prosecutors and others to halt him, but they didn’t help, truthful she told her lawyer to halt telling her astir the letters.

Then, successful October 2019, erstwhile she researched her publication “Stalked and Defenseless,” she reached retired to her lawyer and discovered that the murderer had sent galore much emotion letters from prison – including Valentine Day and Christmas Cards.

She besides discovered that the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) had awarded the murderer three and a half years of aboriginal release/good behaviour credits adjacent portion helium continued stalking her from prison.

When Nikki approached TDOC about revoking those credits, we were both told they would bash thing due to the fact that they didn’t privation to upset the “prisoner rights groups.” 

We tried a two-pronged strategy. We paid lawyers implicit $12,000 to assistance person prosecutors and constabulary to bring stalking charges. We besides spent implicit $14,000 publicizing her book with the anticipation that the publicity would assistance make prosecutors’ interest and get TDOC to bash the close thing. 

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Hiring lawyers got america nowhere. Being connected nationalist quality shows besides didn’t bash the trick. Few radical person the contacts oregon resources we have, but it seemed hopeless contempt each our efforts. Finally, a national authoritative got progressive erstwhile a section tv quality amusement successful Nashville (WSMV-TV) carried Nikki’s communicative successful July 2020, soon earlier the statute of limitations was to expire.

But it has been implicit 3 years since she learned of this stalking. A proceedings scheduled for Nov. 8 is delayed for a 4th clip until immoderate still-to-be-determined day successful January. Again, these delays instrumentality an affectional toll. Nikki indispensable again mentally hole herself for testifying, reliving her fears and dealing with nightmares successful stressful anticipation of trial, lone to person the proceedings delayed again.

Part of the hold has been owed to the murderer claiming insanity. His lawyer claims helium is excessively obsessed with her to beryllium liable for his actions. His defence during the execution proceedings was that helium had delusional upset and erotomania, the delusional content that their people of obsession loves them and that determination is simply a relationship.

The murderer has besides made threatening comments astir what volition hap if Nikki finds different idiosyncratic successful her life. Understandably, Nikki is highly fearful astir his aboriginal release, knowing what helium has already proven helium is susceptible of.

It has been thirteen years since Nikki’s stalker murdered her husband. Yet, she inactive lives with that horror. Trial delays whitethorn occasionally assistance to guarantee a just proceedings for the criminal, but they ever enactment victims and their families done hellhole implicit and implicit again. With truthful galore radical becoming victims of transgression these days, we request to recognize that the harm to victims often lasts galore years aft the crime.

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Nikki Goeser is the enforcement manager for the Crime Prevention Research Center.

John R. Lott Jr. is simply a contributor to RealClearInvestigations, focusing connected voting and weapon rights. His articles person appeared successful publications specified arsenic the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, USA Today, and Chicago Tribune. Lott is an economist who has held probe and/or teaching positions astatine the University of Chicago, Yale University, Stanford, UCLA, Wharton, and Rice.

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