What’s Next in the Trump Documents Case After the Indictment?

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Politics|What’s Next successful the Trump Documents Case? A Previous Indictment Offers Clues.


It is unclear what national authorities volition bash erstwhile Mr. Trump surrenders connected Tuesday and each eyes volition beryllium connected a Florida courthouse.

The indictment, handed up   by a expansive  assemblage   successful  the Federal District Court successful  Miami, is the archetypal  clip  a erstwhile  president   has faced national  charges.
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Adam GoldmanCharlie Savage

  • June 9, 2023Updated 2:03 p.m. ET

It volition astatine erstwhile beryllium a regular substance for a national courthouse — and an bonzer one.

Former President Donald J. Trump is expected to look astatine a national courthouse connected Tuesday day successful South Florida implicit charges related to his handling of authorities documents aft helium near office. Federal cases are arraigned each day, but this volition beryllium the archetypal successful American past against a erstwhile president.

For now, overmuch remains uncertain astir however the substance volition unfold successful the coming days.

One question is what national authorities volition bash erstwhile Mr. Trump surrenders connected Tuesday. A erstwhile indictment of Mr. Trump offers immoderate clues: In April, helium was arraigned successful authorities tribunal successful New York successful transportation with a payoff to an big movie prima conscionable earlier the 2016 election.

Often, radical taken into custody earlier an archetypal quality whitethorn beryllium handcuffed, fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot. In New York, however, Mr. Trump was fingerprinted, but helium was not handcuffed oregon photographed.

At the proceeding itself, Mr. Trump, who is utilized to commanding the room, some arsenic a concern antheral and commandant successful chief, volition not beryllium successful charge. He volition basal softly adjacent to his lawyer until a justice gives him support to speak.

Typically, a suspect makes an archetypal quality successful tribunal but says small and does not participate a plea, returning for an arraignment. But Richard Serafini, a erstwhile national prosecutors who present works arsenic a lawyer successful Miami, said it is imaginable that Mr. Trump’s ineligible squad and prosecutors could participate a plea connected Tuesday, eliminating the request to instrumentality until a detention hearing.

Even arsenic Mr. Trump has said that the proceeding volition beryllium astatine 3 p.m., erstwhile astir of the concern astatine the tribunal has concluded, Mr. Serafini said helium expects it to mobbed.

“It volition beryllium an lawsuit overmuch similar New York,” helium said. “Everything volition good choreographed and hap quickly. It volition beryllium preplanned and the U.S. Marshals volition beryllium precise cautious astir who gets fto into the courthouse.”

Another chartless is however the case’s duty to Judge Aileen M. Cannon, a Trump appointee who has issued a bid of rulings unusually favorable to the erstwhile president, volition play out.

It remains unclear however Judge Cannon received the assignment. Mr. Smith could acquiesce to her overseeing the case, oregon helium could instrumentality the bonzer — and risky — measurement of trying to situation her role.

Adam Goldman reports connected the F.B.I. and nationalist information from Washington, D.C., and is simply a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. He is the coauthor of “Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America.”  @adamgoldmanNYT

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