Unique NFT Auction: Community Will Battle Big Investors

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 Community Will Battle Big Investors Unique NFT Auction: Community Will Battle Big Investors

The hype of non-fungible tokens (NFT) is reaching caller heights. In the archetypal fractional of 2021 alone, NFT income surged to $2.5 cardinal successful value. This caller exertion bridges the spread betwixt the carnal and integer worlds by providing a solution that preserves the authenticity and ownership of creation successful the integer space. However, the skeptics question the existent fiscal and creator worth of .jpg images claimed to beryllium worthy millions.

superhow.ART is bringing a caller modular to the NFT creation marketplace by launching a peculiar auction wherever a genuine lipid painting, “Head with Legs,” by 1 of the top Russian surrealist artists, Oleg Tselkov, volition beryllium auctioned unneurotic with the corresponding NFT.

The task is bringing backmost the essence of NFTs, leaving hype speech and bridging tangible satellite assets with the digital, encouraging the creation assemblage to put successful an authentic, genuine, and truly invaluable portion of art.

Traditionally, the creation marketplace is concentrated successful the hands of large players. However, blockchain exertion is empowering the community. During the auction, superhow.ART volition accommodate an experimental contention betwixt large investors and the assemblage of enthusiasts to spot who has much powerfulness successful their hands.


The auction volition motorboat connected November 5, 2021, and volition past for a week. The auction organizers volition promote a affable contention of the creation assemblage by accommodating 2 bidding sides: Whales and Shrimps. This volition marque the auction unfastened to some large and insignificant bidders.

"We are coming to the marketplace with a situation to spot who volition win. We privation to cheque if whales are inactive here, whether they are stronger than the community. Maybe the assemblage volition amusement that tiny marketplace players with associated forces tin triumph and go fractional owners of this beauteous concern asset," explains Vytautas Kašėta, the CEO of superhow.ART.

The organizers specify the Whales arsenic precocious involvement bidders susceptible of bidding ample amounts connected the painting. Shrimps are the assemblage of smaller bidders who tin state with different Shrimps to combat the Whales.

To win, Whales request to outbid the erstwhile bids. All bids placed by the Shrimps are accumulated into a pool, which competes with the Whale’s bid. If a Whale wins, they get the existent painting, and the corresponding NFT is assigned to them.

If Shrimps win, the coating remains successful the assemblage but volition go co-owned. An NFT for the artwork volition beryllium divided into aggregate parts, corresponding to the Shrimp bids and assigned to their wallet addresses.

If the Shrimps determine to unite and springiness their shares to 1 person, who reaches 75% of the full bid, that Shrimp tin assertion the coating and instrumentality it home.

Artwork by a Significant Artist

Tselkov was a Russian post-war play surrealist. His prodigious vocation justifies the assertion of Simon Hewitt that “Tselkov is destined to beryllium acknowledged arsenic the top Russian creator of his era.”

The ascendant facet of Tselkov’s canvases is the challenging motifs. That’s wherefore contention became synonymous with the artist’s work.

His unsocial drawings and an unwillingness to change his originative absorption resulted successful the aspiring artist’s expulsion from creation schools successful Moscow and Leningrad, and successful 1977, Tselkov was exiled from Russia, allegedly connected ideological grounds.

The extremity of the Cold War and the loosening of Russia’s cognition towards avant-garde and modern creation resulted successful a implicit reappraisal of Tselkov’s enactment successful the artist’s homeland and designation of his interaction connected the improvement of modern painting.

Apart from prestigious awards, the painter’s enactment is held crossed galore important collections, including celebrated museums and galleries and galore backstage collections worldwide.

During the auction, the bidders volition beryllium competing for Tselkov’s influential piece, an lipid connected canvas coating named “Head with Legs” (2014), which presently resides successful a backstage postulation successful Lithuania astatine the Arty Cube creation gallery. The 130×195 cm coating features a disturbing yet gratifying rendering of a quality body, facial expression, and agleam contrasting colors.

"With an artwork of this rebellious artist, we are entering this satellite of integer artwork, bridging existent and integer with this carnal asset," notes Kašėta.

Committed to Innovation

SUPER HOW? is an innovative probe and improvement institution committed to harnessing the powerfulness of blockchain for the advancement of nine with next-generation solutions.

The SUPER HOW? squad powerfully believes that blockchain successful convergence with different technologies specified arsenic artificial quality is the backbone of astir each the salient infrastructure with immense imaginable successful galore domains.

Blockchain exertion is expected to beryllium wide utilized successful domains specified arsenic healthcare, government, finance, education, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics soon.

Entering the creation satellite is the adjacent measurement for the institution to heighten the adoption of blockchain exertion and specify the aboriginal for NFTs. According to the team, it should beryllium astir creation and culture, not hype and low-quality images.

"We anticipation that this experimentation volition beryllium a success, and we proceed bringing much artwork successful the future, presenting superhow.ART arsenic a level for tokenizing the coating assets," says Vytautas Kašėta.


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