UK Gambling Commission opens inquiry into fantasy NFT soccer game Sorare

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The UK gambling watchdog is trying to find whether oregon not phantasy NFT shot crippled Sorare should beryllium required to person a gambling license.

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UK Gambling Commission opens enquiry  into phantasy  NFT shot    crippled  Sorare

The Gambling Commission successful the UK has opened an enquiry into Sorare, a fashionable NFT phantasy shot crippled that raised $680M successful a backing circular past month

“The Gambling Commission is presently carrying retired enquiries into the institution to found whether requires an operating licence oregon whether the services it provides bash not represent gambling.”

However Sorare — which closed a $680 cardinal backing circular for its NFT trading paper platform successful September — denied it was progressive successful thing approaching “regulated gambling”.

“We are precise assured Sorare does not connection immoderate forms of regulated gambling. This has been confirmed by adept ineligible opinions astatine each signifier since the institution was founded, including during a fig of fundraising rounds,” it said connected the institution blog.

According to a "consumer accusation notice" from the Commission released earlier this week, Sorare is not presently licensed and consumers should instrumentality attraction erstwhile interacting with the site:

Sorare added: “We volition ever prosecute and person an unfastened dialog with authorities who scope retired to america to larn much astir our game

According to Sorare's website, "Sorare is simply a Fantasy Football Game based upon blockchain, wherever you tin triumph rewards for picking the champion lineups."

Developed successful 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, players buy, sell, trade, and negociate a virtual squad with integer subordinate cards. The Ethereum-based based level has partnered with 100 shot clubs including household names similar Real Madrid and Liverpool.

In an sentiment piece connected Gambling Insider, Richard Williams, a gambling and regularisation spouse astatine Keystone Law, argued that Sorare whitethorn autumn into the class of excavation betting oregon gaming regulated enactment nether the Gambling Act 2005:

“The Commission volition nary uncertainty transportation retired a thorough reappraisal of the product, but determination is surely a ineligible question people implicit this. It is imaginable that the merchandise could autumn into the betting (pool betting) oregon gaming regulated enactment nether the Gambling Act 2005, depending connected however it is structured.”

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