Supriya Lifescience - Guides For Double-Digit Revenue, Margin Growth: HDFC Securities Initiates Coverage

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HDFC Securities Retail Research

Supriya Lifescience Ltd. is simply a well-established shaper and supplier of progressive pharmaceuticals ingredients with a absorption connected niche products with constricted competition.

It has a niche merchandise handbasket comprising 38 APIs crossed divers therapeutic segments. It is the largest exporter of Chlorpheniramine Maleate and Ketamine Hydrochloride from India and is besides among the largest exporters of Salbutamol Sulphate from India.

Currently, Supriya Lifescience is doing concern with implicit 1200 positive customers and has beingness successful much than 86 countries.

Company has taken further steps for concern enlargement astir the globe particularly successful North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Management guides for beardown maturation successful the U.S. concern implicit the adjacent two-three years.

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