Spanish windfall tax on banks, energy firms clears first hurdle

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Spanish windfall taxation  connected  banks, vigor  firms clears archetypal  hurdle © Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A representation shows the skyline of Madrid, Spain, June 7, 2016. REUTERS/Andrea Comas

(Changes time successful archetypal paragraph to Friday alternatively of Thursday)

MADRID (Reuters) -An amended windfall taxation connection for Spanish banks and ample vigor companies cleared its archetypal hurdle successful parliament successful the aboriginal hours of Friday with the backing of the leftist ruling conjugation and respective determination parties.

Some parties successful Spain's bluish regions, wherever vigor companies and banks person a important presence, had already secured earlier the ballot an exemption of ample vigor firms' home regulated activities and overseas operations.

Several vigor companies had threatened to instrumentality the authorities to tribunal if the 1.2% levy connected powerfulness utilities' income was approved successful its archetypal form.

Initially, taxes were aimed to rise a combined 7 cardinal euros successful 2023 and 2024 to assistance households header with cost-of-living pressures.

The proposal, passed by 186 votes successful favour and 152 against with 10 abstentions, volition present beryllium sent to the Senate wherever it could beryllium approved if the precocious location does not adhd immoderate amendments.

If parties successful the Senate present further changes, the little house, oregon Congress, would request to statement it again.

A authorities root said that owed to the latest changes successful the bill, the 4 cardinal euros it was initially aiming to rise could beryllium reduced by astir 500 cardinal euros.

Earlier this month, the banking taxation was besides amended to enforce levies connected the section units of overseas lenders aft the European Central Bank warned successful a non-binding sentiment that the connection could distort marketplace contention and impair a level playing field.

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