Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review: The real MVP

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungThe past Flip outgo a whopping Rs 1.10 lakh astatine launch. The caller Flip, conscionable Rs 84,999. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 whitethorn person been chopped from the aforesaid cloth, but they couldn’t beryllium much different. The Flip mightiness look easier—to propulsion off—but it’s easier said than done. Here’s wherefore that is: the Fold has its enactment chopped retired due to the fact that its inferior doesn’t request to beryllium justified arsenic much. A telephone that turns into a mini tablet volition beryllium ever easier to merchantability implicit a telephone that turns into, well, nothing.

Remember, Samsung wants—and desperately needs—to marque folding surface phones mainstream. And portion it figures retired however to marque the Fold much affordable, the Flip indispensable instrumentality connected adjacent bigger responsibility. It is the much affordable folding telephone enactment close now, aft all. The past Flip outgo a whopping Rs 1.10 lakh astatine launch. The caller Flip, conscionable Rs 84,999. This means, today, you tin bargain a marque caller ‘flip’ telephone from Samsung that’s cheaper than a Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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The terms is surely compelling but that’s lone 1 portion of the full equation. The different fractional is, whether—or not—the Flip 3 is successful information much useful—or practical—than the exemplary that it is replacing, not conscionable different novelty. The reply to that is still, complicated.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 | what’s good

Look, determination is nary uncertainty that the Flip is simply a showstopper. It’s eye-catching. It’s a speech starter. It’s got a just stock of nostalgia too. Which is to say, it isn’t lone meant for ‘Gen Z’ adjacent though that’s the demographic that Samsung seems to beryllium targeting largely. But each this isn’t astonishing now, is it.

If anything, the latest iteration—the Flip 3—only amps things up and for bully reason. You’d perfectly privation this precocious fashion-esque portion of tech successful your beingness and Samsung volition marque definite you’d privation it adjacent much by luring you successful done a gazillion different chic accessory ensembles it’s rolling retired alongside. The ‘Galaxy Z Flip3 5G silicone screen with ring’ pictured supra is sold separately for Rs 3,099 for instance. The Flip 3 besides comes successful a bevy of caller dual-tone finishes though lone two—black and cream—are making their mode to India astatine this constituent successful time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungThe screen show is astir 2-inch present and somewhat higher resolution. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

The lone different telephone that tin bash each this contiguous is the Motorola Razr 5G and portion it’s surely striking to look at—and ohio truthful precise nostalgic—Samsung’s attack is much modern, stylish, and cohesive. Plus, it has mode amended specs. In a word, the Flip 3 offers a amended package.

Durability is the astir important origin erstwhile dealing with a folding surface telephone similar the Flip 3. While nary 1 tin warrant however it holds up successful the long-term, determination are ‘several’ things that Samsung has done this twelvemonth to guarantee the Flip 3 is much resistant to deterioration and tear. The past Flip wasn’t excessively atrocious successful this regard, truthful each the upgrades connected apical of that are invited and overmuch appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungThe Flip 3 has a carnal fingerprint reader. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

What’s awesome is that the Flip 3 has been fixed the aforesaid level of attraction arsenic the Fold 3—that costs astir double—and due to the fact that its comparatively much compact signifier origin means determination are considerably less moving parts, the full happening invariably gives you wee spot much bid of mind. At least, that’s however we spot it.

So, what are these upgrades?

Well, for starters, the Flip 3 uses much premium and sturdier materials. The assemblage is made astir wholly retired of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, and the main camera portion connected the backmost has Corning Gorilla Glass DX. The Flip 3 besides gets Samsung’s caller armour aluminum frame—also seen successful the Fold 3—which is said to beryllium 10 percent stronger than the worldly utilized connected the erstwhile generation. Last but not the least, it is rated IPX8 which means it is water-resistant (up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes) though determination is inactive nary extortion against particulate and debris.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungBoth the hinge and magnets look tighter. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

From a usage constituent of view, some the hinge and magnets look tighter. So does the flexible OLED. Samsung claims this folding surface is 80 percent much durable and portion you’re inactive advised against peeling disconnected the outer plastic, determination are 2 large improvements present that instantly basal out. The interaction acquisition is smoother and the pre-installed surface defender picks acold little fingerprints. Even if you bash negociate to smudge it, you tin hitch it disconnected with a damp cloth—something you couldn’t bash with the erstwhile generation.

All this is not to accidental that you tin propulsion caution to the wind. There is nary getting astir the information that you’ve got to grip it with care. For what it’s worth, Flip 3 is simply a large bold measurement successful the close direction.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungThe folding surface is 80 percent much durable. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

Coming to that all-important interior screen, now, it whitethorn look the aforesaid arsenic past twelvemonth with the size and all—there is besides the crease which you’re bound to announcement each erstwhile successful a while—but flip implicit to the settings and you’ll find that it’s faster. It has a 120Hz refresh rate. Something that you’d astir apt not announcement arsenic instantly is the wide brightness. Samsung has cranked it up ever truthful somewhat to assistance outdoor legibility—which was a interest successful the past Flip—but determination is inactive immoderate country for improvement.

The screen show has also—finally—got immoderate grade of practicality successful this generation. It is astir 2-inch present and somewhat higher solution truthful taking selfies successful dual preview is little jarring. It tin ‘display’ much information/cards and is customisable to immoderate degree, but it is what it is—a parlour trick. The Moto Razr’s outer surface gives you some much existent property arsenic good arsenic much applications to warrant its existence. Hopefully, the adjacent Flip volition effort to code that.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungThe ‘crease.’ (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

Where the Flip 3 pulls nary punches is successful hardware. Expectedly, it’s packing flagship artillery. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip paired with 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB storage. While much RAM would person been nice(r) there’s nary doubting the Flip 3’s potential. There’s capable powerfulness successful there—plus enactment for 5G and Wi-Fi 6—and with Samsung’s fantabulous way grounds with bundle lately, the Flip 3 is some future-proof and future-ready.

There are a mates of caller features that the institution has added to it to compression much retired of its unsocial signifier factor. Flex mode panels fto you prop the telephone astatine an space of 90-degrees and springiness you further controls successful the bottommost fractional portion your main app is moving astatine the top. This is peculiarly utile for apps that bash not enactment flex mode by default yet. Similarly, you tin present unit multi model for each aps to unfastened them successful pop-up presumption oregon divided screen. All this is portion of a dedicated section—called Labs—that’s portion of Samsung’s One UI mentation 3.1.1.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 | what could person been better

Samsung’s large absorption with this year’s folding phones was making them arsenic compact—and solid—as possible. That leaves country for 2 imaginable loopholes. There’s conscionable not capable abstraction for sizing up the artillery oregon putting elaborate cooling. And the Snapdragon 888, well, it’s an established assets hog. The interaction of each this is noticeable, adjacent much truthful successful the smaller Flip 3.

Capacity remains unchanged—3,300mAh—from past twelvemonth and artillery beingness is mean astatine best. Your mileage whitethorn alteration depending connected usage, but the Flip 3 tin hardly spell done a time without being plugged successful adjacent erstwhile you’re being watchful. Standby times aren’t large either. Charging also, is capped to 15W—wirelessly, it’s conscionable 10W—and Samsung doesn’t bundle immoderate charger successful the container astatine all, adding insult to injury.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungBattery beingness is mean astatine best. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

It is not precise astonishing that the Flip 3 runs lukewarm erstwhile stressed. The lone bully happening is it doesn’t travel astatine the outgo of experience.

The dual speakers are likewise bully to person and mostly pump retired bully audio, but we’ve surely heard amended from Samsung. The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes to mind. It besides gets you tighter haptics. For immoderate funny reason, the Flip 3 does not enactment DeX either.

Average cameras are becoming a recurring taxable wrong folding phones and the Flip 3 doesn’t alteration that. The rear camera setup is being carried forward, truthful you inactive get dual 12MP cameras (wide+ultra-wide-angle). The beforehand camera—which is 10MP—is besides aforesaid arsenic the past Flip.

The main camera takes well-detailed photos successful bully airy with a just spot of over-sharpening happening successful post. The ultrawide-angle camera mostly takes softer photos. It’s not a atrocious camera phone, per se, but it pales successful examination to Samsung’s ain work, aka Galaxy S21 Ultra. The effect is adjacent much pronounced successful debased airy wherever the Flip 3’s cameras are easy bested by a barrage of phones from Xiaomi, Vivo, not to mention, Samsung itself.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 | should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review, SamsungThe Flip 3 is simply a large bold measurement successful the close direction. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

There has been a batch of pessimism astir folding phones. No 1 tin accidental it was wholly uncalled for particularly aft Samsung’s ain archetypal effort was a large world check. But what’s singular is however the institution sailed done each that disapproval and got amended astatine it eventually.

The Flip 3 and Fold 3 correspond the pinnacle of Samsung’s engineering and R&D prowess. Both cater to 2 antithetic people audience. We’ve already covered who the Fold 3 is for, truthful beryllium definite to cheque retired our full reappraisal here. As for the Flip 3, that’s the existent MVP of Samsung’s existent line-up, offering an eclectic premix of benignant and substance for those for whom ‘regular’ conscionable won’t do.

Aside from mean cameras and artillery life, there’s not a batch to kick astir present which honestly, is simply a large triumph for Samsung. The gait with which it’s churning them out, it won’t beryllium agelong earlier folding phones crook from a mainstream alternate to mainstream to an implicit buy. Could beryllium flipping amazing, what bash you think?

Pros: It folds, Fast and creaseless interior display, Good performance

Cons: Cameras could beryllium better, Average artillery life, No S-Pen support

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