Resurfaced Donald Trump Tweet About Classified Info Has Twitter Users Giggling

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Back erstwhile Donald Trump was inactive connected Twitter, the erstwhile president’s inclination to station contradictory statements connected the level made the operation “there’s ever a tweet” a mantra for many.

It besides inspired the hashtag #ATweetForEverything.

Trump hasn’t been connected Twitter since helium was “permanently banned” a fewer days aft the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection (despite having his relationship restored by Elon Musk).

Trump’s indictment connected Thursday over his handling of classified documents gave Twitter users yet different crushed to reminisce astir the erstwhile president’s wont of saying 1 happening and doing another.

On Friday morning, Mother Jones Washington bureau main and MSNBC expert David Corn resurrected a quote from Trump during the 2016 statesmanlike run erstwhile helium argued that the cavalier mode his hostile Hillary Clinton handled delicate accusation connected a idiosyncratic email server “disqualifies her from the presidency.”

In July 2016, then-FBI manager James Comey concluded that, portion determination was grounds that Clinton had perchance violated “the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgement is that nary tenable authoritative would bring specified a case.”

Of course, Twitter users were amused, but not surprised, astatine Trump’s punctuation astir classified information.

It volition ne'er halt being amazing. And hilarious. 😂🙌🍾

— Nicole L. Augenti, Esq. (@Nicole1515) June 9, 2023

There's ever a #TraitorTrump station wherever helium tells America EXACTLY however helium should beryllium handled successful a concern he's created.

Of course, Drumpf plays the unfortunate alternatively truthful helium tin whine to his minions portion asking for much money. Some billionaire, eh?#Indicted pathological liar

— Bob Botelho (@BobVipers) June 9, 2023

Trump’s punctuation condemning the mishandling of classified info wasn’t the lone spot of irony that resurfaced aft his indictment.

Jeff Yarbro, a Tennessee authorities legislator who is moving for politician of Nashville, pointed retired past twelvemonth that the DOJ lone started treating the removal of classified documents arsenic a felony after Trump made it instrumentality successful 2018.

Q: So erstwhile did the DOJ commencement treating removal of classified documents similar a felony anyway?
A: When President Trump signed a 2018 instrumentality making it a felony.

— Jeff Yarbro (@yarbro) August 9, 2022
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