Reddit is promoting crypto scams

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Reddit is promoting crypto scams

I was conscionable scrolling done my Reddit homepage and I spot an advertisement "Claim $500 successful Pepe". I saw the advertisement respective times aft that but present is simply a screenshot of the ad:

This is an obvious scam but I decided to bash immoderate digging to beryllium Reddit is promoting a scam.

They are claiming to springiness a 90% Sale where:

Discount price: 1 ETH = 6,000,000,000 $pepe (1 ETH = 600,000,000 $pepe).

The "Official merchantability address" 0x59E37cB6712a089668f1524e1d39c730B73d17b8 has received 1.1374 ETH ($2894.96 CAD) implicit 32 transactions.

The nail successful the coffin is this:

The code 0xA9011e45e70914c52738498c7FBD73760d348DB1 sent 0.1 ETH to the "Official merchantability address" connected May 7, 2023 and ne'er received immoderate Pepe pursuing the "sale ending".

The latest transaction to the "Official merchantability address" was 2 minutes agone from the clip of maine penning this and was 0.01199615 ETH ($30.53 CAD). Perhaps the advertisement is inactive attracting the gullible, which is rather unfortunate.

Do you judge that Reddit should beryllium allowed to beforehand scams? Is it up to users of Reddit to admit the advertisements are conscionable propaganda. Have immoderate of you seen this peculiar advertisement oregon akin ads connected Reddit successful the past?

I person ne'er owned immoderate PEPE!

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