Poland Tells Dutch Mind Your Own Business in EU Rule of Law Row

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is “the past person” to lecture Poland implicit its evident rule-of-law lapses due to the fact that of the Netherlands’ estimation for offering precise debased firm taxes, a Polish authorities spokesperson said.

Poland has an ax to grind with the Netherlands aft Rutte told his authorities past week that he’ll inquire the European Union to withhold 36 cardinal euros ($42 billion) successful betterment wealth earmarked for the bloc’s largest eastbound member.

Separately, the EU whitethorn soon trigger a caller instrumentality that allows it to withhold fund payments to subordinate states that neglect to adhere to the bloc’s antiauthoritarian standards.

“The Netherlands is asserting its interests successful a precise spectacular way, successful a mode -- to enactment it mildly -- that doesn’t rather unrecorded up to the standards of the European Union,” authorities spokesperson Piotr Muller told the TVP Info quality transmission connected Monday. “I americium talking astir taxation issues, taxation evasion, different mechanisms that the Netherlands has utilized for galore years.”

The Dutch person 1 of the European Union’s lowest firm tax rates and are nether scrutiny from the bloc for being a conduit state -- oregon adjacent a taxation haven.

Muller’s comments travel a Twitter fight that broke retired past week betwixt Rutte and Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, who suggested the Dutch should support journalists from “being killed connected the streets” alternatively of focusing connected media state successful the Balkan EU member. 

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