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Upgrading to SSDs boosts PC show by up to 80%, reveals a Western Digital study

WB BlueAs per the study, artillery runs for astir doubly arsenic overmuch clip with WD Blue SATA SSD compared to erstwhile utilizing an HDD.

Personal computers person go an indispensable portion of regular lives successful today’s hyper-connected world. People are anxious to ramp up their productivity to escaped up much time. As per a Western Digital sponsored study, titled ‘PC Health and Upgrade’, consumers are looking to upgrade their PC components to widen their computing devices’ beingness and heighten productivity.

The probe recovered that implicit 51% of the respondents consciousness that upgrading from hard disk thrust (HDD) to solid-state thrust (SSD) is captious for enhancing their PC performance. However, much than 80% of PCs successful the state are inactive supported by HDDs, and 4 successful 5 PCs person 500GB arsenic interior capacity, some of which exacerbate performance-related issues successful PCs.

Predominantly utilized for productivity linked applications, the survey finds a PC has go an all-purpose instrumentality today. Consumers bargain PCs and laptops for a assortment of reasons specified arsenic generic computing (62.5%), productivity (59.3%), amusement (57.6%), acquisition (57.2%), societal networking (55%), video conferencing (43.6%), gaming (42%), multimedia instauration (36.6%). Only 4.4% of the respondents usage them for different activities. Therefore, PC show matters much than ever before, arsenic the consumers privation to bash much successful little time.

Jaganathan Chelliah, elder manager – Marketing, India & MEA, Western Digital, said, “The survey has fixed america a batch of absorbing insights astir PC users successful India. More than 40% of PC users are spending 5 to 12 hours connected their devices for a assortment of tasks and truthful are seeking an upgrade successful their PC performance. For Western Digital, these insights person enabled america to connection applicable retention solutions to consumers. For example, our WD Blue SSDs are designed specifically for productivity seekers and contented creators who privation some show and reliability.”

Laptop users are besides looking for enhanced artillery life. As per the study, artillery runs for astir doubly arsenic overmuch clip with WD Blue SATA SSD compared to erstwhile utilizing an HDD. In India, astir fractional of the laptops being utilized (46%) are either much than 3 years aged oregon are owed to beryllium 3 years aged successful the adjacent six to 9 months. As a result, the users person already started experiencing show issues. They are considering buying caller laptops oregon upgrading captious components to amended the device’s performance. According to the study, upgrading to an SSD increases the wide desktop show by upto 80%.

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