Nixon Historian Says New Donald Trump Indictment Boils Down To 1 Thing

3 months ago 27

Donald Trump “understood that helium got powerfulness erstwhile helium was elected, but didn’t recognize that helium had obligations,” statesmanlike historiographer Timothy Naftali said Friday of Trump’s indictment for mishandling classified documents aft leaving the White House.

“We unrecorded successful a Constitutional democracy. Everybody, including the president, is bound by the Constitution and determination are limits to their power,” Naftali, the erstwhile manager of the Richard Nixon statesmanlike library, told “CNN This Morning.”

“Trump not lone had a hard clip with limits, helium didn’t respect them,” Naftali added. “And this is simply a lawsuit wherever helium was told repeatedly that determination were limits connected his quality to support materials and helium said, ‘I don’t care.’”

Watch the interrogation here:

Trump, charged with 7 counts, is acceptable to look successful tribunal successful Miami connected Tuesday. In a screed connected his Truth Social level Thursday, Trump claimed helium was an “INNOCENT MAN.”

The erstwhile president besides faces proceedings adjacent twelvemonth successful the Stormy Daniels hush wealth outgo case. Last month, a civilian assemblage recovered him liable for intersexual maltreatment aft proposal columnist E. Jean Carroll accused him of raping her successful a section store dressing country successful the 1990s.

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