NEM Ventures launches 2021 NEM Ignite incubator program

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NEM Ventures, the venture superior and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem, has announced the motorboat of the Ignite virtual incubator program, to supply mentoring and fiscal enactment for early-stage blockchain startups. As of today, applications are unfastened to the archetypal cohort of blockchain projects wishing to summation nonrecreational enactment successful preparing for commercialization and fundraising rounds, with enactment from the NEM ecosystem.

Ignite from NEM Ventures volition supply tailored concern mentoring and fiscal enactment for early-stage blockchain projects gathering connected the NEM NIS1 oregon Symbol from NEM platforms, with an grant of up to $10,000 USD. A virtual program, Ignite volition supply 1:1 tailored mentoring, helping startups make their task and present connected their vision. The programme volition screen a wide assortment of hard topics, specified arsenic fiscal projections and fundraising 101, arsenic good arsenic assistance projects make brushed skills, specified arsenic pitching, design, concern development, and marketing.

Commenting connected the launch, Dave Hodgson, CIO of NEM Group and MD of NEM Ventures, said: “With the motorboat of Symbol by NEM imminent, we are looking to grow our beardown ecosystem with divers projects that lend to the maturation of the blockchain abstraction arsenic a whole. The programme was developed to springiness early-stage projects the tools and enactment they request to bring their imaginativeness and merchandise to market. Backed by the NEM ecosystem and enactment team, incubatees volition larn hard and brushed skills from our mentors first-hand.”

Ignite from NEM Ventures volition foster connections betwixt cohort participants, manufacture partners, and professionals, giving incubatees entree to the beardown NEM ecosystem. High caliber mentors, including members of the NEM Group Executive team, volition supply mentoring passim the three-month program. Incubatees volition besides person accordant enactment from the NEM Software exertion teams, arsenic good arsenic the NEM selling squad and PR partners, Wachsman.

NEM Ventures volition big 3 cohorts implicit the people of 2021, with each programme lasting 3 months. The squad is committed to giving tailored enactment to each startup by limiting participants to 2 per cohort. Startups are expected to conscionable with the NEM squad erstwhile play for a two-hour virtual session, with different play tasks including action-oriented readings, assignments, and tutorials. Ignite from NEM Ventures volition beryllium unfastened successful each geographical regions, with plans to person enactment successful English and Japanese languages.

Applicants volition request to make a transportation video explaining their merchandise and vision, a concern exemplary canvas, and a transportation deck, if appropriate. They volition besides request to explicate however NEM fits into their concern solution, item of immoderate backing received, awarded, oregon won, and a prototype of their idiosyncratic interface (UIs), if appropriate. Full exertion criteria tin beryllium recovered here.

Founded successful 2018, NEM Ventures promotes the maturation of the NEM ecosystem done strategical investments successful projects which align with the ethos of the NEM community. NEM Ventures focuses connected projects which show a genuinely differentiated product, the quality to make affirmative nett income successful the mean term, and founders who showcase the tendency to determination the blockchain ecosystem forward

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