Mitt Romney: Trump Brought These Charges Upon Himself

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While the bulk of Republicans are lying to the American nationalist by claiming that erstwhile president Donald Trump is being unfairly targeted by the DOJ, Republican Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Trump brought these charges upon himself and was fixed opportunities to debar the charges that isn’t fixed to others.

“By each appearances, the Justice Department and peculiar counsel person exercised owed care, affording Mr. Trump the clip and accidental to debar charges that would not mostly person been afforded to others,” Romney wrote successful a statement.

“Mr. Trump brought these charges upon himself by not lone taking classified documents, but by refusing to simply instrumentality them erstwhile fixed numerous opportunities to bash so.”

A intermission portion Reality Winner enters the chat. As a reminder, Reality Winner was sentenced connected August 23, 2018 to 5 years and 3 months successful situation for violating the Espionage Act, the longest ever imposed successful national tribunal for unauthorized leaking of a authorities papers to the press.

A large quality successful motives betwixt Reality Winner and Donald Trump is that Ms. Winner leaked a papers astir the Russians hacking 2016 elector information successful an effort to halt the gaslighting astir Russian interference. By each appearances, her leak was meant arsenic an enactment of whistleblowing, though technically that isn’t allowed arsenic a defence for leaking documents to the press.

She was the archetypal idiosyncratic prosecuted by the Trump medication for leaking to the press, with a condemnation that surely served arsenic a chilling effect connected anyone other considering informing the nationalist astir the Russians trying to assistance their present president get elected.

Romney wasn’t done yet. Romney, similar galore of us, sees the communal thread successful Trump’s actions successful that his actions are violative to our nationalist interest.

“These allegations are superior and if proven, would beryllium accordant with his different actions violative to the nationalist interest, specified arsenic withholding antiaircraft weapons from Ukraine for governmental reasons and failing to support the Capitol from convulsive onslaught and insurrection.”

Last night, I shared my thoughts connected video for our newsletter subscribers, saying that the 7 charges against Trump, including 1 for violating the Espionage Act, proceed the communicative that started connected this precise time successful 2016, erstwhile his squad met with the Russians astatine Trump Tower to get ungraded connected Hillary Clinton: Trump arsenic a governmental campaigner and president has ever been a menace to our nationalist information and nationalist interests. He simply has ne'er indicated that helium places his loyalty to this state up of his loyalty to his ain self-enrichment oregon ego.

Mitt Romney arsenic a statesmanlike campaigner became known for flip flopping and a wide deficiency of spine, but done the Trump years helium has shown up for his state often erstwhile it was necessary. Romney has shown integrity and patriotism astatine a clip erstwhile some are missing successful enactment from his party.

The Republican Senator is correct: Trump was shown peculiar treatment, Trump refused to cooperate, Trump lied and hid and obfuscated and past bragged astir his misdeeds claiming a close to bash arsenic helium pleased. He brought these charges upon himself. He practically had to publically taunt the DOJ into yet doing something.

Trump is guiltless until proven blameworthy and helium has repeatedly claimed that helium is guiltless of each charges.

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