Mark Levin Screaming About Trump's Second Indictment Will Live In Your Nightmares

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Fox News big Mark Levin joined the chorus of Republican outrage astatine Donald Trump’s 2nd indictment connected Thursday ― lone helium did it A LOT LOUDER!!!!! (Watch the video below.)

In fact, determination mightiness not beryllium capable exclamation points to screen the diatribe Levin unleashed successful his quality connected “Hannity.”

Levin echoed the GOP line that it’s the responsibility of President Joe Biden, and Democrats generally, that Trump has been accused of stashing top-secret documents astatine Mar-a-Lago and defying requests to instrumentality them. This, Levin claims, is each portion of Biden’s program to interfere successful the 2024 statesmanlike predetermination and neutralize his Republican rival.

Donald Trump Jr. shared Levin’s yeller journalism connected Twitter with accolades.

But what truly made Levin’s rant basal retired was the SCREAMING!!!

If you were anyplace successful the Western Hemisphere connected Thursday, you astir apt astatine slightest heard Levin faintly connected the wind. In lawsuit you didn’t, though, here’s immoderate of what helium said.

In a screed against Attorney General Merrick Garland and peculiar counsel Jack Smith, who is starring the Trump investigation, Levin claimed: “They made the determination to interfere successful this election! You wanna speech astir an insurrection? This! Is! An insurrection! And that’s precisely what’s going connected here!”

This from the feline who precocious insisted that the Jan. 6 rioter who shoved a bull and threatened to bent Nancy Pelosi “didn’t bash anything.”

There were different moments to outcry about.

“This is simply a papers case! ... Is this immoderate benignant of a sick gag connected the American people?!” said Levin, the big of “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

He hollered to the bitter end: “There is nary law! What’s going connected present is simply a disgusting disgrace. It is warfare connected Trump. It is warfare connected the Republican Party ... I’m done and I’m sick of it!”

You tin perceive much below, though we urge keeping your digit connected that measurement control.

MUST WATCH: Mark Levin perfectly shreds Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Jack Smith implicit the corrupt gestapo tactics that they're utilizing to interfere successful the 2024 election.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 9, 2023
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