Joan Rivers’ Daughter Reveals What Comedian Would Have Thought About Cancel Culture

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It’s been 9 years since the legendary comedian Joan Rivers passed away, but she is inactive missed by millions of fans to this day. In a caller interview, Joan’s girl Melissa is opening up astir what her parent would person thought astir the brutal cancel civilization that has taken implicit our nine successful the years since her death.

“I don't exercise. If God wanted maine to crook over, he'd enactment diamonds connected the floor.”

Happy Heavenly 90th, Joan Rivers 👑

— Lee Radziwill (@RadziwillLee) June 8, 2023

Joan Would ‘Be Very Frustrated’

“I deliberation she’d beryllium precise frustrated,” Melissa told Fox News erstwhile asked astir cancel culture. “I deliberation she would beryllium blessed that it’s swinging backmost towards the mediate from specified extremes.”

“I would person hoped that she would person gotten benignant of grandfathered successful not having to beryllium truthful politically correct, benignant of similar Dave Chappelle,” she continued. “And I deliberation she would have. But I bash deliberation it would beryllium incredibly frustrating. Some radical justifiably request to beryllium canceled, immoderate radical bash not. And I deliberation we went done a signifier wherever it was excessively much.”

Joan Rivers would’ve turned 90 today, she passed distant 9 years ago.

— Miles Commodore (@miles_commodore) June 8, 2023

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Melissa Discusses Kevin Hart

Melissa went connected to speech astir however the comedian Kevin Hart was dropped arsenic the big of the Oscars backmost successful 2019 aft tweets of his surfaced that were deemed to beryllium homophobic.

“The worldly was taken retired of discourse due to the fact that astatine the clip that [the jokes] was okay,” she lamented. “Would helium person made those jokes now? No. At the clip helium made those jokes, those were okay. And the assemblage laughed. And I deliberation that’s wherever she would person gotten frustrated. I don’t cognize astir you, but I americium not the aforesaid idiosyncratic I was adjacent 5 years ago.”

“And that doesn’t mean things radical didn’t accidental were incorrect oregon outrageous oregon violative oregon immoderate of those things. But it’s precise hard to justice people, including justice yourself, astir importantly, of who you were 20 years ago,” she added. “The idiosyncratic I was erstwhile I started assemblage was not the idiosyncratic I was erstwhile I near college. The idiosyncratic I was erstwhile I got my archetypal occupation is not the aforesaid person. I mean, radical person to evolve.”

Joan would person celebrated her 90th day connected Thursday, and successful this aforesaid interview, Melissa discussed what she would person done for this occasion.

“No, it would not person been a large stroke out,” Melissa explained. “She would not person appreciated that. I deliberation she astir apt [would have] wanted to walk it with immoderate friends, me, and Cooper [Melissa’s son]. You know, I’m definite we would person done something, but not immoderate big, immense celebration.”

Today would person been her 90th birthday. What an icon we lost! 💔 #JoanRivers

— Scott Nevins (@ScottNevins) June 8, 2023

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Joan Being Honored

This comes arsenic Joan is being inducted into the National Comedy Center depository with a dedicated grounds that honors her beingness and work.

“I’m incredibly honored and excited that she volition beryllium a portion of it,” Melissa said. “It’s a fantastic spot to decently store the archives truthful that they are preserved.

“And successful a comic twist of fate, my parent headlined their drama festival successful 2011… And astatine that festival they announced that they were going to bash this museum,” she concluded. “And it’s truly astir the trade of comedy. It’s conscionable a precise bully bow [on it] that she was determination erstwhile it was announced and that the archives are going to beryllium connected show there.”

Happy 90th Birthday, Joan Rivers who worked Greenwich Village drama clubs with Woody Allen, George Carlin and Richard Pryor. Today's procreation would faint halfway thru her 1st set.

— The Beloved Debs (@McDebida) June 9, 2023

Joan Rivers was a existent icon, and determination volition ne'er beryllium different 1 similar her. If lone she were inactive astir contiguous to instrumentality connected cancel culture, due to the fact that voices similar hers are needed present much than ever!

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