Jane Fonda Launches Vile Attack On ‘White Men’ – Blames Them For Climate Change

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The Hollywood prima Jane Fonda, who infamously earned herself the nickname Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War, precocious launched an onslaught connected “white men” that tin lone beryllium described arsenic racist.

Am I the lone 1 who remembers that Jane Fonda threatened to execution pro-life politicians conscionable astir a period ago?

She past said that we should apprehension and jailhouse each achromatic antheral to assistance combat clime change.

Does @PeopleMag hold with that sentiment? Why would they illustration specified a… pic.twitter.com/HMQ8ya5h23

— Joey Mannarino (@JoeyMannarinoUS) June 1, 2023

Fonda Sounds Off

“We’ve got astir seven, 8 years to chopped ourselves successful fractional of what we usage of fossil fuels, and unfortunately, the radical that person the slightest work for it are deed the hardest — Global South, radical connected islands, mediocre radical of color,” Fonda, 85, said during an quality astatine the Cannes Film Festival past month. “It is simply a calamity that we person to perfectly stop. We person to apprehension and jailhouse those men — they’re each men [behind this].”

Fonda went connected to blasted racism for clime change, saying that “white men” are the culprits.

“It’s bully for america each to realize, determination would beryllium nary clime situation if determination was nary racism. There would beryllium nary clime situation if determination was nary patriarchy. A mindset that sees things successful a hierarchical way,” she claimed, according to The New York Post. “White men are the things that substance and past everything other [is] astatine the bottom.”

Not stopping there, Fonda proceeded to telephone connected her woke fans to rally astir biology justice.

“It’s important due to the fact that we person to get retired of the silos — feminists implicit here, environmentalists implicit here. That’s what I learned erstwhile I started being an activistic astir the Vietnam War,” she said. “The much you spell down immoderate issue, immoderate it is, you recognize that it’s each connected. And if we lick the clime crisis, and we haven’t solved those different things, we’re gonna beryllium successful trouble.”

Jane Fonda Says White Men Are CAUSING THE CLIMATE CRISIS? pic.twitter.com/JDJb1hy5k1

— The Boyscast (@theboyscastpod) June 8, 2023

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Fonda’s Previous Comments

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Earlier this year, Fonda blamed clime alteration connected “racism” portion promoting her movie 80 For Brady.

“Well, you know, you tin instrumentality anything… sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia… whatever… the war,” said Fonda, 85, according to Market Watch. “And if you truly get into it, and survey it and larn astir it and the past of it and everything’s connected. There’d beryllium nary clime situation if it wasn’t for racism.”

When her 91 year-old co-star Rita Moreno asked her to clarify what she meant by this, Fonda went adjacent further into her radicalism.

“Where would they enactment the s**t? Where would they enactment the poison and the pollution?” she asked. “They’re not gonna enactment it successful Bel Air.”

“They’ve got to find immoderate spot wherever mediocre radical oregon indigenous radical oregon radical of colour are living,” she continued. “Put it there. They can’t combat back. And that’s wherefore a large portion of the clime question present has to bash with clime justice.”

Some existent speech yesterday with @kellyclarkson and my Gameday crew. See much of the @KellyClarksonTV here: https://t.co/3tpSX6hXOr#80ForBrady @FireDrillFriday pic.twitter.com/38gmoEVSs6

— Jane Seymour Fonda (@Janefonda) January 25, 2023

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Fonda Discusses Vietnam

In this aforesaid interview, Fonda talked astir what fto her to becoming a societal justness activistic successful the archetypal place.

“For me, it was learning astir the Vietnam War,” Fonda said, according to Fox News. “And erstwhile I truly understood what that was about, I couldn’t not bash thing but effort to articulation the question to halt it.”

🚨In lawsuit you’re excessively young to remember, ‘Hanoi Jane Fonda’ erstwhile visited POW’s portion successful Vietnam. These captured Americans secreted notes to her to springiness to their families. Then, successful beforehand of each of them, she turned astir and handed the notes to their captors.
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— DK🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 (@1Nicdar) March 12, 2023

It should beryllium noted that during the Vietnam War, Fonda infamously earned herself the nickname “Hanoi Jane” aft she was caught connected camera gleefully posing connected apical of an anti-aircraft weapon portion visiting North Vietnam successful 1972. Her latest comments astir clime alteration conscionable spell to amusement that not overmuch has changed successful the past 50 years erstwhile it comes to Fonda!

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