Iran says crew of two seized Greek tankers not detained and are on board

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Iran says unit  of 2  seized Greek tankers not detained and are connected  board © Reuters. FILE PHOTO: The seized lipid tanker Pegas is seen anchored disconnected the enactment of Karystos, connected the Island of Evia, Greece, April 19, 2022. REUTERS/Vassilis Triandafyllou/File Photo

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's authorities maritime assemblage said connected Saturday the unit of 2 Greek tankers seized by its Revolutionary Guards connected Friday had not been detained, and were successful bully wellness and being cared for connected committee their vessels.

Iranian forces seized 2 Greek tankers successful the Gulf connected Friday, soon aft Tehran warned it would instrumentality "punitive action" against Athens implicit the confiscation of Iranian lipid by the United States from a tanker held disconnected the Greek coast.

"The unit of the 2 Greek tankers person not been arrested, and each unit members ... are successful bully wellness and are being protected, and provided with indispensable services portion connected board, successful accordance with planetary law," Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization said successful a connection carried by authorities media.

The 2 vessels were stopped implicit unspecified "maritime violations", the assemblage said.

Greece said connected Friday an Iranian navy chopper landed connected Greek-flagged vas Delta Poseidon successful planetary waters, and took the unit hostage. It said a akin incidental took spot connected different Greek-flagged vas adjacent Iran, without naming the ship. Athens said some actions violated planetary law.

Greek authorities past period impounded the Iranian-flagged Pegas disconnected Greece owed to European Union sanctions. The United States aboriginal confiscated the Iranian lipid cargo held onboard, Reuters reported connected Thursday.

The Pegas and its Russian unit were aboriginal released, but the seizure inflamed tensions arsenic Iran and satellite powers question to revive a 2015 atomic deal.

Separately, Nour News, affiliated to an Iranian authorities information body, said: "Iran volition not stay passive successful the look of immoderate menace to its interests, and investigating Iran's volition is simply a strategical mistake that volition entail dense costs for the United States and its entourage."

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh tweeted: "Our ties indispensable not beryllium hampered by profoundly shortsighted miscalculations, including road robbery connected the bid of a 3rd party."

In 2019, Iran seized a British tanker adjacent the Strait of Hormuz for alleged violations 2 weeks aft British forces detained an Iranian tanker adjacent Gibraltar, accusing it of shipping lipid to Syria successful usurpation of European Union sanctions. Both vessels were aboriginal released.

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