Investigators question delayed police response in Texas school shooting

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Investigators question   delayed constabulary  effect   successful  Texas schoolhouse  shooting © Reuters. A wide presumption of the memorial successful Town Square successful beforehand of the region courthouse, for victims of the Robb Elementary schoolhouse shooting, successful Uvalde, Texas, U.S. May 27, 2022. Picture taken with a drone. REUTERS/Marco Bello


By Brad Brooks and Gabriella Borter

UVALDE, Texas (Reuters) - Investigators successful Texas were seeking to find connected Saturday however captious mistakes were made successful the effect to the deadly Uvalde shooting, including wherefore astir 20 constabulary officers remained extracurricular a people schoolhouse schoolroom arsenic children placed panicked 911 calls for help.

Why the officers waited successful the hallway astir an hr earlier entering and fatally shooting the gunman is astatine the bosom of an ongoing probe by the Texas Department of Public Safety into the massacre of 19 children and 2 teachers successful the deadliest U.S. schoolhouse shooting successful astir a decade.

Investigators are besides inactive searching for a motive for the attack. Salvador Ramos, a precocious schoolhouse dropout, had nary transgression grounds and nary past of intelligence illness.

At slightest 2 children placed 911 calls from a brace of adjoining fourth-grade classrooms aft 18-year-old Ramos entered connected Tuesday with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, Colonel Steven McCraw, manager of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said earlier this week.

"He's successful country 112," a miss whispered connected the telephone astatine 12:03 p.m., much than 45 minutes earlier a U.S. Border Patrol-led tactical squad stormed successful astatine 12:51 p.m. and ended the siege astatine the Robb Elementary School successful Uvalde, a municipality of 16,000 radical westbound of San Antonio.

The aforesaid miss had implored the 911 relation to "please nonstop the constabulary now" astatine 12:43 p.m. and again 4 minutes later.

The on-site commander, the main of the schoolhouse district's constabulary department, believed astatine the clip that Ramos was barricaded wrong and that children were nary longer astatine contiguous risk, giving officers clip to prepare, McCraw said.

"From the payment of hindsight wherever I'm sitting now, of course, it was not the close decision," McCraw said. "It was the incorrect decision, period."

Standard instrumentality enforcement protocols telephone for constabulary to face an progressive schoolhouse shooter without delay, alternatively than hold for backup oregon much firepower, a constituent McCraw acknowledged.

McCraw described different moments erstwhile Ramos mightiness person been thwarted. A schoolhouse officer, responding to calls astir an equipped antheral who crashed a car astatine the ceremonial location crossed the street, drove past Ramos arsenic helium crouched beside a conveyance connected schoolhouse property. Police person said Ramos fired astatine 2 radical lasting extracurricular earlier scaling a obstruction onto schoolhouse grounds.

The doorway that gave Ramos entree to the gathering had been near propped unfastened by a teacher, McCraw said, successful usurpation of schoolhouse territory information policies.

As disapproval of the effect by instrumentality enforcement grew, constabulary officers from cities arsenic acold distant arsenic Houston and Dallas began arriving successful Uvalde to assistance enactment section authorities, successful immoderate cases providing extortion to Uvalde's ain police, the politician and the weapon store wherever Ramos purchased his arsenal.

Police cruisers were parked extracurricular the location of Pedro Arredondo, the schoolhouse district's constabulary chief. The constabulary effect to the shooting has been sharply criticized by McCraw and Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, among others.

Questions astir constabulary efforts to halt Ramos came arsenic the United States' starring gun-rights advocacy group, the National Rifle Association, held its yearly normal 275 miles (443 km) distant successful Houston.

Abbott, a Republican and staunch weapon rights proponent who addressed the gathering successful a pre-recorded video, seized connected evident constabulary lapses successful Uvalde, telling a quality league aboriginal helium was misled and "livid astir what happened."

Abbott denied recently enacted Texas weapon laws, including a arguable measurement removing licensing requirements for carrying a concealed weapon, had "any relevancy" to Tuesday's bloodshed. He suggested authorities lawmakers absorption renewed attraction connected addressing intelligence illness.

President Joe Biden, a Democrat who has urged Congress to o.k. caller weapon restrictions, volition sojourn Uvalde connected Sunday to comfortableness families and wage respects to the young victims.

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