Internet Initiative Japan adopts Juniper Networks virtual firewalls for its new cloud network service

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  • Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) notifies that Internet Initiative Japan has adopted Juniper Networks vSRX Virtual Firewall for Smart HUB, a caller offering successful its IIJ Private Backbone Service featuring a closed web that connects and secures assorted IIJ web and unreality services.
  • Juniper’s vSRX Virtual Firewalls present up to 5 times betterment successful web throughput and added information for IIJ’s Private Backbone Service
  • Building connected its erstwhile beardown narration and proven way record, Juniper was selected to supply upgrades to the IIJ Private Backbone Service.
  • The vSRX besides offers IIJ a implicit virtual firewall solution, including precocious menace prevention, robust networking and automated provisioning capabilities.
  • Forge ahead, IIJ intends to grow services done the usage of vSRX to conscionable lawsuit request for its unreality services.
  • Concurrently, IIJ is exploring the inclusion of immoderate of Juniper’s different information offerings into aboriginal services that volition amended web information and supply much unafraid experiences for its customers.
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