Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Buys Up Intel, Mobileye Stock

2 weeks ago 43

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger precocious has been buying up shares of the spot elephantine that helium helms, but helium has spent acold much for shares of precocious spun-off Mobileye which is processing autonomous driving technologies.

Gelsinger paid $2.5 cardinal connected Oct. 28 for 120,000 Mobileye (ticker: MBLY) shares astatine the IPO terms of $21 each, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Gelsinger serves arsenic Mobileye’s chairman. He besides paid a tenth of that, $250,000, connected Oct. 31 for 8,830 Intel shares (INTC), an mean terms of $28.16 each. Gelsinger present owns 96,049 Intel shares directly, and different 266,530 shares done trusts.

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