Indian Power Sector - Electricity Demand Growth Revised Upwards To 8.0-8.5% For FY22 From 6.0% Earlier: ICRA

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The energy request maturation estimation for FY22 is revised upwards to 8.0 - 8.5% from 6.0% earlier, led by the faster than expected betterment successful request station Covid-19 2nd question and the favorable basal effect.

Nonetheless, immoderate emergence of imaginable 3rd Covid-19 question and consequent lockdown restrictions remains a monitorable.

The all-India thermal works load origin level is estimated to amusement a humble betterment to astir 58.5-59.0%, against an earlier estimation of 57.0-58.0% successful FY22 from 54.5% successful FY21.

Notwithstanding the recovery, the each India mean thermal PLF level is estimated to stay subdued, astatine beneath 60.0%.

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ICRA Power Sector - Demand Outlook & DISCOM Performance - October 2021.pdf


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