Indian immigrant’s son Anil Menon among selected NASA astronauts; here’s all you need to know

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Seems similar its Indians each the mode for not lone the Silicon Valley but besides for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Among the 10 caller astronaut candidates introduced by the abstraction bureau was Dr Anil Menon. Dr Menon was inducted into missions ranging from probe onboard the International Space Station to landing connected the lunar aboveground and past to Mars.

Anil Menon is simply a portion of the 2021 astronaut class, which was introduced by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. This is the archetypal specified people successful 4 years. These candidates volition study for work successful January 2022 to statesman 2 years of training. The astronaut campaigner grooming is slotted into 5 categories – operating and maintaining the International Space Station’s analyzable systems, grooming for spacewalks, processing analyzable robotic skills, safely operating a T-38 grooming pitchy and Russian connection skills.

Selected candidates isolated from Menon are Nichole Ayers (32), Marcos Berrios (37), Christina Birch (35), Deniz Burnham (36), Luke Delaney (42), Andre Douglas (35), Jack Hathaway (39), Christopher Williams (38) and Jessica Wittner (38).

“Each of you has astonishing backgrounds,” Pam Melroy, erstwhile NASA astronaut and NASA’s lawman head said. “You bring diverseness successful truthful galore forms to our astronaut corps and you stepped up to 1 of the highest and astir breathtaking forms of nationalist service,” she added.

Apart from being 1 of the Indian astronauts selected by NASA, Dr Menon was calved and raised successful Minnesota successful Minneapolis. Dr Menon, who is besides a lieutenant colonel successful the US Air Force, was SpaceX’s archetypal formation surgeon and helped motorboat the company’s archetypal humans to abstraction during the NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 ngo and gathering a aesculapian organisation to enactment quality strategy during aboriginal missions. Before moving astatine SpaceX, helium served NASA arsenic the unit formation surgeon for expeditions taking astronauts to the International Space Station, arsenic per the NASA release.

Besides this, Dr Anil Menon is simply a practicing exigency physician. He has fellowship grooming successful wilderness and aerospace medicine. He was besides the archetypal responder during the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2011 Reno Air Show mishap and 2015 Nepal earthquake. During his stint arsenic the US Air Force pilot, helium supported the 45th Space Wing arsenic a formation surgeon and 173rd Fighter Wing. Dr Menon logged 100 sorties successful the F-15 combatant pitchy and transported implicit 100 patients arsenic portion of the captious attraction aerial transport team.

Meanwhile, Dr Anil Menon is not the lone Indian-origin nonrecreational to play a role  successful realising America’s abstraction ambitions. Indians similar Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari, Bhavya Lall, Sirisha Bandla, Bob Balram and Dr Swati Mohan person besides made a sanction for themselves successful the US abstraction scene.

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