In Britain, nurses prepare for unprecedented strike over pay

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In Britain, nurses hole   for unprecedented onslaught   implicit    pay © Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Nurses respond arsenic they dainty a COVID-19 diligent successful the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) astatine Milton Keynes University Hospital, amid the dispersed of the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) pandemic, Milton Keynes, Britain, January 20, 2021. REUTERS/Toby Melvill

By Natalie Thomas and Alistair Smout

GOSPORT, England/LONDON (Reuters) - Chukwudubem Ifeajuna, a caregiver successful the southbound of England, loves his job, but adjacent period volition locomotion retired for 2 days arsenic portion of British nurses' biggest ever onslaught action, which helium says is indispensable for unit and diligent payment alike.

The concern enactment connected Dec. 15 and Dec. 20 is unprecedented successful the British nursing union's 106-year history, and comes arsenic the state-run National Health Service (NHS) braces for 1 of its toughest winters ever.

Ifeajuna has seen members of his squad permission to enactment successful supermarkets, wherever determination is little accent and amended pay, portion helium has had to chopped backmost connected spending.

"I person a fewer unit who are utilizing nutrient banks astatine the moment. I've had to chopped down connected a batch of things with the kids which I can't spend to supply for them due to the fact that of the precocious outgo of living. So it's truly really tough, for everyone, not conscionable myself," helium told Reuters.

"We are striking due to the fact that we merit to beryllium paid better. We haven't had decent wage for implicit a decennary now."

Strike enactment is besides impacting Britain's rail, postal and acquisition sectors arsenic workers conflict with soaring prices.

Patricia Marquis, manager of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) national successful England, said the authorities indispensable listen.

"This is not thing that nurses bash astatine the driblet of a hat," she told Reuters.


The RCN says experienced nurses similar Ifeajuna are 20% worse disconnected successful existent presumption than they were successful 2010 aft a drawstring of below-inflation wage awards, and are seeking a pay-rise of 5% supra RPI (retail terms index) inflation.

That would magnitude to a payrise of 19.2%, based connected October's ostentation data. The authorities says the RCN demands would outgo 10 cardinal pounds ($12.14 billion) a twelvemonth and are unaffordable.

But the RCN's Marquis said that without higher pay, unit would proceed to permission the profession, expanding the unit connected those who stay and yet damaging diligent care.

Billy Palmer, astatine the Nuffield Trust wellness think-tank, told Reuters that those who were considering leaving "often mention issues astir not having capable unit to bash a bully job", but their departure further exacerbates the staffing problem.

"It's the astir vicious of cycles," helium said.

Ifeajuna says helium has besides sometimes considered quitting.

"But each clip I've had the chance, I benignant of had to intermission for a infinitesimal and accidental 'I can't permission my patients. I can't permission my colleagues to endure alone'," helium said.

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