Here's the letter Parag Agrawal wrote to Twitter employees after whistleblower's revelations; more details here

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The twelvemonth 2022 is getting much chaotic for Twitter Inc. The company, which is already warring implicit to get Tesla CEO Elon Musk to implicit his $44-billion acquisition deal, was deed by caller allegations made by its erstwhile caput of information Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, who highlighted that determination are superior and wide information vulnerabilities astatine the company. Lashing retired astatine his claims, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal has present said that Zatko’s claims are baseless and are “riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and presented without important context”.

A caller nonfiction successful The Washington Post and CNN reported that Zatko, successful a whistleblower disclosure, claimed that portion moving helium uncovered “extreme, egregious deficiencies” by Twitter surrounding users' privacy, security, and contented moderation. Zatko was fired successful January this twelvemonth for “poor performance”.   

The timing of the whistleblower missive is important arsenic it would springiness Musk capable reasons to discontinue the woody to bargain Twitter for $44 billion. Musk has already raised concerns implicit the contented of spam-bot accounts connected the societal media platform. Twitter successful reply has challenged the Tesla CEO successful tribunal and the substance volition beryllium heard astatine the Delaware Chancery Court connected October 17.   

The whistleblower letter  

According to the quality report, Zatko had sent the disclosure to Congress and national agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice, past period stating that the microblogging tract has large information issues that are a superior menace to users’ idiosyncratic information, companies’ secrets, shareholders, nationalist information and the democracy.   

The missive further stated that the institution has allowed excessively galore of its workers to entree its cardinal controls, which exposes delicate accusation astir the users, and determination is nary cheque connected the access.   

Zatko has further alleged that the apical enactment and elder executives successful the institution are trying to propulsion these discrepancies nether the wraps, and besides that idiosyncratic oregon much employees could beryllium moving for the “foreign quality service”.  

He has further alleged that the existent enactment was misleading its ain committee and authorities regulators astir its information lapses wrong the system, which could pb to “foreign spying oregon manipulation, hacking and disinformation campaigns”.  

Zatko has besides said erstwhile helium highlighted the lapses helium got “stiff pushback” from Agrawal, who initially was the Chief Technology Officer earlier helium was promoted to the CEO’s post.

He has added that Twitter has violated an 11-year-old colony with the FTC by inappropriately claiming that it has a broad information programme successful place.   

In his disclosure note, which is astir 200 pages, Zatko has added that his findings were worse than what erstwhile CEO Dorsey feared astatine his time, arsenic the problems person worsened nether Agrawal. He added that the institution had ne'er complied with the FTC bid and wasn't connected way to bash so.  

He besides added that the institution has kept Musk successful acheronian astir the fig of spam bots successful usage connected its level and has misled the FTC astir afloat deleting the information of users who permission the service.   

He besides noted that Twitter's server infrastructure is simply a superior occupation arsenic it is prone to superior vulnerability. The company's 500,000 servers person outdated software, which doesn’t person updated basal information features, specified arsenic encryption for stored information oregon regular information updates by vendors.  

Agrawal’s reply  

In his reply, which was published connected Twitter by CNN newsman Donie O’Sullivan, Agrawal said Zatko was himself fired successful January 2022 for “ineffective enactment and mediocre performance.”   

He added Zatko’s communicative astir the institution is mendacious and “is riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and presented without important context.”  

He highlighted that Mudge arsenic the caput of information astatine Twitter was liable for the lapses helium is highlighting now, and blowing them retired of proportionality much than six months aft his termination.”  

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

“I cognize this is frustrating and confusing to read, fixed Mudge was accountable for galore aspects of this enactment that helium is present inaccurately portraying much than six months aft his termination. But nary of this takes distant from the important enactment you person done and proceed to bash to safeguard the privateness and information of our customers and their data,” helium wrote to his employees.

CNN had reported that Agrawal has vowed to situation the whistleblower disclosure, and warned his unit to expect much specified stories to appear.

Cybersecurity champion?  

It is to beryllium noted present that Zatko was a longtime information adept and has worked with DARPA (US Department of Defense) and Google earlier joining Twitter successful 2020. He was appointed by erstwhile CEO Jack Dorsey aft a fewer teenagers hacked high-profile Twitter accounts of celebrities specified arsenic Tesla CEO Musk, Kim Kardashian, erstwhile President Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, who astatine that clip was moving for the US president post.  His archetypal large quality was successful 1998 erstwhile helium participated successful the archetypal legislature hearings connected cybersecurity.

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