Giving the Game Away? Rachel Maddow Speculates About Biden’s DOJ Dropping Charges if Trump Agrees to Drop Out of Race

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Former President Donald Trump has been indicted and faces dozens of years down bars, but MSNBC big Rachel Maddow openly speculated that the Biden Justice Department mightiness see dropping charges if the starring GOP campaigner agrees to driblet retired of the race.

Some would picture that enactment of reasoning arsenic ‘giving distant the game.’

Trump was charged Thursday with willfully retaining nationalist defence secrets successful usurpation of the Espionage Act, making mendacious statements, and a conspiracy to obstruct justice, pursuing an probe into alleged improper handling of classified documents.

He has indicated helium volition plead not blameworthy to the charges aft calling the indictment “election interference astatine the highest level.”

In an interrogation with Lawrence O’Donnell, Maddow seemed to speculate on akin lines, suggesting the Justice Department mightiness see a woody that would impact Trump leaving the 2024 contention for President.

Rachel Maddow Admitting What This Trump Indictment Is Really About

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) June 9, 2023

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Rachel Maddow connected Trump Indictment – Could DOJ Drop Charges If Trump Drops Out?

Rachel Maddow begins the conception by comparing the Trump indictment to that of Richard Nixon’s vice president, Spiro Agnew, who was indicted for taxation evasion and forced to resign anterior to Watergate.

Agnew pleaded nary contention to a azygous felony complaint of taxation evasion.

“You person to wonderment if the Justice Department is considering whether determination is immoderate governmental solution to this transgression problem,” Maddow said.

“Whether portion of the contented present is not conscionable that Trump has committed crimes, but that Trump has committed crimes and plans connected being backmost successful the White House. Do they consider, arsenic portion of a imaginable plea offer, thing that would … proscribe him from moving for bureau again?”

The precise operation ‘political solution to this transgression problem’ is each you request to cognize astir however superior anybody is taking the charges against Trump.

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He faces 7 charges that transportation a maximum 75-year situation condemnation if convicted connected each counts … but possibly they should see letting bygones beryllium bygones truthful agelong arsenic helium doesn’t tally against our boss, the President of the United States.

What seemed similar evident predetermination interference earlier would beryllium adjacent much blatant should specified a woody travel to fruition. What benignant of sick banana republic are we surviving successful close now?

Maddow says the quiescent portion retired loud—this is the ENTIRE constituent of the exercise—to get Trump to discontinue —to halt Trump from returning to the White House-to get Trump to conscionable spell away….

— Grace Chong 🇺🇸 (@gc22gc) June 9, 2023

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O’Donnell Worries Such a Deal Would Make it Seem Trump Was Right

For his part, O’Donnell didn’t precisely combat backmost against Rachel Maddow’s thought that the DOJ could driblet the charges successful speech for Trump exiting the race.

There was nary reprimand on the lines of, ‘No, Rachel, these are precise superior crimes that can’t simply beryllium washed distant to the governmental payment of our muse, President Biden.’

Instead, helium suggested Trump’s squad would person to contiguous the enactment archetypal truthful it didn’t look similar the DOJ had governmental rewards connected the mind.

“I would ideate if thing similar that happened that it would person to travel from the defence broadside of the negotiation,” O’Donnell concluded. “That the Trump squad would say, ‘Oh, by the way, and with this, we volition also, you know, driblet retired of the contention for president.'”

Lol. @maddow says the quiescent portion retired loud.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) June 9, 2023

“Otherwise, it would enactment the Justice Department successful this presumption that Donald Trump claims they’re in,” O’Donnell said adding that the Republican campaigner claims prosecutors are “simply trying to halt him from becoming president again, and that’s the lone crushed they’re doing this.”

They’re truly not adjacent trying to fell the fascism immoderate longer, are they?

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