Exports surge 40.5% to $15.13 bn during Oct 1-14

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The country's exports roseate by 40.5 per cent to USD 15.13 cardinal during October 1-14 connected relationship of steadfast show by cardinal sectors specified arsenic petroleum products, engineering and chemicals, according to preliminary information of the commerce ministry.

Imports during the play grew by 60.72 per cent to USD 14.82 billion, the information showed.

India's merchandise exports grew by 22.63 per cent year-on-year to USD 33.79 cardinal successful September connected amended show by cardinal sectors, adjacent arsenic the commercialized shortage widened to a grounds precocious of USD 22.59 billion.

Export sectors which are signaling affirmative maturation see coffee, cashew, petroleum products, handloom, engineering, chemicals, man-made yarn/fabrics, gems and jewellery, integrative and marine products.

Cumulatively, exports roseate by 57.53 per cent to USD 197.89 cardinal during April-September this fiscal arsenic against USD 125.62 cardinal during April-September 2020.

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