Business travel budgets rising as firms use 2019 as spending benchmark -CWT

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By Jamie Freed

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Business question budgets are poised to emergence successful 2023 arsenic companies benchmark against pre-pandemic levels of question spending contempt increasing uncertainty implicit the economical outlook, a elder enforcement astatine planetary firm question bureau CWT said connected Tuesday.

"Even 2022, this calendar year, is going to beryllium discounted to immoderate degree," CWT Chief Customer Officer Nick Vournakis said successful an interview, noting COVID-19 restrictions successful immoderate regions impeded travel. "I don't deliberation we're going to get backmost to a examination of twelvemonth implicit twelvemonth until we're successful 2024."

He did not supply details of lawsuit fund forecasts for 2023 but said businesses recognised that ostentation would beryllium a cardinal origin successful question spending adjacent year.

CWT and the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) past period said airfares are expected to emergence by 8.5%, edifice rates by 8.2% and crushed proscription by 6.8% successful 2023 arsenic an manufacture deed by labour shortages and input outgo increases rebounds from pandemic lows.

"If you're looking astatine it from a axenic fiscal perspective, I deliberation what we proceed to spot is much and much corporates budgeting for maturation successful their travel," Vournakis said, citing beardown request for meetings and events.

"I haven't seen anyone overly wary with regards to recession successful however they are question readying for 2023," helium added.

CWT's concern has returned to astir two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels and should scope adjacent to 70% by the extremity of the year, with a afloat betterment expected by the extremity of 2025, Vournakis said, somewhat up of GBTA's latest forecast for a 2026 recovery.

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