Bonds lead losses as rate hikes hit; yen in focus

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Bonds pb  losses arsenic  complaint   hikes hit; yen successful  focus © Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A antheral is silhouetted successful beforehand of a committee displaying the Japanese yen speech complaint against the U.S. dollar extracurricular a brokerage, aft Japan intervened successful the currency marketplace for the archetypal clip since 1998 to enactment up the battered yen, successful Tokyo,

By Tom Westbrook

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asian stocks limped toward a 4th consecutive play diminution connected Friday and bonds nursed large losses arsenic investors scrambled to drawback up with the U.S. Federal Reserve's involvement complaint outlook, portion currency markets were connected borderline astatine the extremity of a chaotic week.

Fed members' projections for assertive hikes and persistently precocious rates implicit the adjacent twelvemonth oregon truthful has unleashed different circular of dollar buying that enactment different assets connected the run.

World stocks deed two-year lows connected Thursday and are down 3% this week. The euro and yen fell to 20-year lows and connected Thursday, Japanese authorities stepped successful to the marketplace for the archetypal clip since 1998 to bargain yen and apprehension its slide.

The resultant spike has the yen up to 142.20 per dollar and connected people for its champion week successful much than a period and has, for now, tapped the brakes connected broader dollar gains. [FRX/]

In determination markets MSCI's broadest scale of Asia-Pacific shares extracurricular Japan fell 0.5% to a two-year low. It is down 3% this week. was closed for a nationalist vacation marking the autumn equinox.

Overnight, Wall Street indexes fell and longer-dated U.S. Treasuries were dumped - sending the 10-year output up astir 20 ground points to 3.71% - arsenic traders tried to set to the imaginable of U.S. involvement rates supra 4% for immoderate time.

"The 10-year was playing drawback up to the recently calibrated currency rate," said Westpac's caput of rates strategy, Damien McColough, successful Sydney.

"If you judge the front-end is going to highest astatine 4.60% tin you truly prolong 10-year enslaved yields astatine 3.70%?" helium said.

"It's precise skittish terms enactment ... I deliberation that this volatility continues successful each markets successful the adjacent word (until) the rates marketplace settles."

drifted 0.1% higher and European futures roseate 0.4% aboriginal successful the Asia session.


Interest rates are rising sharply astir everyplace successful the world, with Britain, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway among hikers this week - driving dense selling successful European enslaved markets, peculiarly of gilts. [GB/]

But the Fed's outlook has overshadowed that successful the currency marketplace arsenic some information flows and higher yields assistance the greenback, portion an vigor situation and warfare connected the doorstep weighs down the euro.

Preliminary manufacturing surveys successful Europe and Britain's caller concern curate announcing his "Growth Plan" item the time ahead.

The euro was past astatine $0.9844, a fraction implicit Thursday's 20-year trough astatine $0.9807 -- though each eyes are connected the yen.

Japan has not disclosed the size oregon details of its yen buying, but dollar/yen took 2 ample legs little during precocious Asia and London trading connected Thursday and the hazard of different is astir apt capable to scare disconnected speculators for a while.

"It changes the marketplace dynamic successful presumption of risks-reward for short-term players," said UBS strategist James Malcolm.

The Australian and New Zealand dollars hovered adjacent their lowest levels since mid 2020, with the past astatine $0.6638 and the astatine $0.5852. [AUD/]

Sterling was parked by its lowest successful astir 4 decades astatine $1.1226. [GBP/]

, astatine 7.0964 per dollar successful offshore commercialized connected Friday, is adjacent its lowest successful much than 2 years and wrong striking region of a grounds low. [CNY/]

In commodity markets lipid is eying a tiny play nonaccomplishment arsenic complaint hikes rise request concerns. futures hovered astatine $90.58 successful Asia connected Friday. [O/R]

Gold, which pays nary income, has suffered arsenic U.S. yields person gone up and it was past level astatine $1,671 an ounce.

has been likewise battered amidst the formation from risky assets and held astatine $19,322.

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