BMW to launch 3 EVs in the next 6 months in India

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German luxury carmaker BMW connected Thursday said it volition motorboat 3 electrical vehicles successful the adjacent 6 months successful India to accelerate its electrical mobility travel successful the country. To commencement with, the institution volition motorboat its exertion flagship all-electric SUV iX successful the adjacent 1 period which volition beryllium followed by all-electric MINI luxury hatchback successful 3 months.

These volition beryllium followed by the motorboat of all-electric sedan BMW i4 successful six months.

BMW which is successful the midst of its biggest merchandise violative had said it would motorboat 25 products successful India this year.

"We've already done that and that is giving america a batch of results due to the fact that our maturation is precise coagulated successful the archetypal 10 months. We are taking the merchandise violative to the adjacent level and this full violative is aimed astatine axenic electrical mobility," BMW Group India President and CEO Vikram Pawah told PTI

He further said, "So successful the adjacent 180 days, you volition spot BMW launching 3 afloat electrical products successful India."

Further, Pawah said, "In 30 days clip we volition motorboat the BMW iX, which is simply a fully-electric SUV. In 90 days clip we volition motorboat the MINI electrical and successful 180 days clip we volition motorboat our archetypal sedan electric, which is the i4."

Stating that the iX volition go the company's exertion flagship, helium said from a sustainability position besides the iX volition person a broad usage of either earthy materials oregon recycled materials and volition beryllium produced with 100 per cent "green electricity" and usage zero uncommon world metals and zero earthy materials from heavy oversea mining.

The iX volition beryllium powered by 2 electrical motors for beforehand and rear axles and is susceptible of accelerating from 0-100 kmph successful 6.1 seconds.

Commenting connected the reasons for bringing the electrical vehicles to India, Pawah said, "We ever committedness that immoderate planetary products are available, we'll bring them to India, particularly successful the electrical space. I deliberation our customers, particularly successful the premium segment, necessitate the latest and top products available."

Bullish connected the affirmative effect from customers successful India, helium said, "I'm precise assured that it volition beryllium a fantastic effect based connected the planetary motorboat lawsuit feedback."

The iX has already been launched successful large markets of Europe and the US this month, helium added.

In bid to marque it comfy for its customers, BMW India volition springiness a location charging kit on with each car. It volition beryllium a 11 kW AC charger susceptible of 100 per cent successful astir 7 hrs with 100 kms added scope successful 2.5 hrs which tin beryllium installed either astatine location oregon office.

Besides, the institution volition instal accelerated chargers astatine each interaction points astatine trader networks successful 35 cities successful India.

"All our dealerships volition beryllium equipped with 50 kilowatt DC accelerated chargers, and they volition beryllium accessible to customers arsenic well," Pawah said.

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