Australia's Optus says up to 10 million customers caught in cyber attack

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Australia's Optus says up   to 10 cardinal  customers caught successful  cyber attack © Reuters. A pistillate uses her mobile telephone arsenic she walks past successful beforehand of an Optus store successful Sydney, Australia, February 8, 2018. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz/File Photo

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian No. 2 telco Optus, owned by Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, said it volition interaction up to 10 cardinal customers whose idiosyncratic details were taken successful a "sophisticated" hack, but added nary firm clients were compromised.

Optus main enforcement Kelly Bayer (OTC:) Rosmarin said she was aggravated and atrocious that an offshore-based entity had broke into the company's database of lawsuit information, accessing location addresses, drivers licence and passport numbers successful 1 of the country's biggest cybersecurity breaches.

As galore arsenic 9.8 cardinal accounts whitethorn beryllium compromised, equivalent to 40% of Australia's population, but "that is the implicit worst lawsuit script (and) we person crushed to judge that the fig is really smaller than that", Bayer Rosmarin said.

Bayer Rosmarin said firm customers appeared unaffected and determination was nary denotation the intruder took lawsuit slope relationship details oregon passwords. Police and cybersecurity authorities were inactive investigating the onslaught which Optus told customers astir connected Thursday.

"We volition beryllium identifying specifically which customers (were affected) and proactively contacting each lawsuit with wide explanations of which of their accusation has been exposed and taken," Bayer Rosmarin said successful an online media briefing connected Friday.

"I'm aggravated that determination are radical retired determination that privation to bash this to our customers. I'm disappointed that we couldn't person prevented it ... and I'm precise sorry," she added.

She declined to springiness details of however the attacker breached the company's security, citing an ongoing transgression investigation, but noted the attacker's IP code - the unsocial identifier of a machine - appeared to determination betwixt unspecified countries successful Europe.

As a large telco, Optus considered itself a people for cyber attackers and routinely repelled attempts to breach its systems but "this peculiar 1 is not akin to thing we've seen before, and unluckily it was successful", she said.

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