Asset Management Companies (AMCs): Strong possibility of EPS upgrades in FY22

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FY22/23e EPS for UTI AMC up 14/20%; NAM, 14/12%; HDFC AMC, 4.7/2%; HDFC downgraded to ‘Hold’

We support   BUY connected  UTI AMC and ADD connected  NAM portion    we downgrade HDFC AMC from Add to HOLD.We support BUY connected UTI AMC and ADD connected NAM portion we downgrade HDFC AMC from Add to HOLD.

We expect plus absorption plays volition payment from the improving equity premix for the 3rd successive 4th successful Q2FY22e. End to end, equity AUM has grown by 21% betwixt Mar’21 and Aug’21. This was aided by beardown equity flows (dominated by NFOs successful Jul-Aug’21) of Rs 1.2 trn (ex-Index/passive and including hybrid funds) successful 5MFY22-TD and improving SIP publication (flows and folios).

This has resulted successful a beardown anticipation of net upgrades successful FY22. Factoring successful the 5MFY22-TD performance, comparative outgo structures and RoE, we upgrade FY22/23 net estimates for Nippon Asset Management (NAM) by 14%/ 12%, UTI Asset Management (UTI AMC) by 14% / 20% and HDFC plus absorption company (HDFC AMC) by 4.7%/ 2%. We support BUY connected UTI AMC and ADD connected NAM portion we downgrade HDFC AMC from Add to HOLD.

Assessing the show of listed AMCs successful 5M-FY22TD: Based connected AMFI classification, NAM has been capable to turn equity and indebtedness AUM by 18% and 13%, respectively, successful 5MFY22-TD. UTI AMC has been capable to turn the aforesaid by 23% and (-)8% portion HDFC AMC has grown it by 12%/1%. We present origin successful 16%/32%/29% AAUM maturation successful FY22E for HDFC/NAM/UTI AMC.

Maintain BUY connected UTI AMC with a revised TP of Rs 1,410 (earlier: Rs 1,200) based connected 30x FY23E halfway EPS of Rs 37.4 and currency of Rs 288 per share. Maintain ADD connected NAM with a revised people terms of Rs 477 (earlier: Rs 430) based connected 35x FY23e halfway EPS of Rs 12 and currency of Rs 58 per share. Downgrade HDFC AMC from Add to HOLD with a revised TP of Rs 3,350 (Rs 3,284) based connected 45x FY23e halfway EPS of Rs 67.8 and Rs 298 currency per share. We origin successful 16%/15% AAUM maturation for FY22E/FY23E with yields of 48.8bps/ 48bps, respectively (compared to 48.7bps successful Q1FY22). Higher than expected maturation successful AUM tin beryllium a affirmative trigger for net going forward. However, higher than expected driblet successful wide yields tin pb to net disappointment.

Strong NFOs person characterised FY22-TD: On ex-ETF basis, MFs raised Rs 172 bn and Rs 237 bn successful Jul’21 and Aug’21, respectively. In FY22-TD, full magnitude raised though NFOs has been Rs 479 bn vs Rs 293 bn raised successful FY21.

Movement successful equity marketplace share: Based connected closing monthly AUM data, HDFC AMC equity AAUM marketplace stock declined from 12.7% successful Jun’21 to 12.1% successful Aug’21. NAM equity AAUM marketplace stock fell from 6.84% successful Jun’21 to 6.76% successful Aug’21. The aforesaid for UTI AMC improved from 4.76% successful Jun’21 to 4.82% successful Aug’21.

Movement successful indebtedness marketplace share: Based connected AMFI data, indebtedness AAUM marketplace stock betwixt Jun’21 and Aug’21 changed from 14.4% to 14.5% for HDFC AMC, 7.3% to 7.6% for NAM and 3.8% to 3.7% for UTI AMC.

Flows dominated by Flexi headdress successful Aug’21: Aug’21 wide inflows into MF schemes were Rs 330 bn vs Rs 146 bn outflows seen successful Aug’20.

Improving trends successful SIP: Aug’21 SIP flows stood astatine Rs 99 bn vs Rs 91.6 bn successful Jun’21 and Rs 96.1 bn successful Jul’21. Industry added 2.5mn caller SIP accounts successful Aug’21 vs the 1.7mn monthly mean successful Q1FY22. SIP AUM stood astatine Rs 5.3 trn, up 5% m-o-m.

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