Analysts Raise Concerns Over Bajaj Finance’s Asset Quality, Higher Credit Costs

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Analysts were optimistic of Bajaj Finance Ltd.’s integer initiatives but raised concerns implicit its plus prime and higher recognition costs.

The non-bank lender’s nett and nett involvement income roseate during the 4th ended June but plus prime worsened arsenic section lockdowns to curb the terrible 2nd question of Covid-19 infections wounded collections.

Its gross non-performing assets ratio stood astatine 2.96% compared with 1.79% arsenic connected March 31. Net NPA roseate to 1.46% of full advances from 0.75% successful the preceding quarter.

“It was a muted 4th impacted by terrible 2nd question of pandemic. Both businesses and indebtedness absorption efficiencies were affected owed to strict lockdowns crossed astir parts of India,” the institution said. Digital concern transformation, however, “remains connected way for phase-1 to spell unrecorded successful October 2021”.

Shares of Bajaj Finance, however, roseate arsenic overmuch arsenic 4.31% successful aboriginal commercialized connected Thursday. Of the 30 analysts tracking the company, 14 person a ‘buy’ rating, 9 suggest a ‘hold’ and 7 urge a ‘sell’, according to Bloomberg data. The mean of 12-month statement terms targets implies a downside of 4%.

Here's what brokerages made of Bajaj Finance's first-quarter results:

Elara Capital

  • Maintains ‘sell’ standing astatine a people terms of Rs 4,630, implying a imaginable downside of 22%.

  • There was a large miss successful nett aft taxation and non-performing loans successful the quarter. A crisp 73% quarter-on-quarter emergence successful NPLs led to a miss successful nett involvement income and recognition cost.

  • In the revised guidance connected June 4, absorption had accrued recognition outgo guidance by 80 ground points to astir 2.5%. Now the absorption has guided a recognition outgo of Rs 4,200-4,300 crore, which is lone astir 17 ground points higher.

  • Retains standing and people terms owed to Bajaj Finance’s costly valuation, miss connected net and higher recognition costs.

  • The caller rerating of the banal has been triggered by Bajaj Finance’s integer initiatives. While the integer translation volition adhd worth to the franchise successful the agelong term, improbable to spot a meaningful leap successful indebtedness oregon net maturation from this successful the adjacent 2 years.

  • Cuts net per stock estimation for FY22 lone marginally due to the fact that the brokerage had already chopped it by 15% for FY22 and 10% for FY23 connected June 4 erstwhile the mid-quarter guidance was released.


  • Maintains ‘neutral’ rating, raises people terms to Rs 6,000 apiece.

  • The 4th was muted. Bajaj Finance’s payments concern motorboat could summation multiples.

  • Asset prime had a antagonistic print, chiefly driven by the car concern business.

  • Bounce rates person normalized successful July (0.96 of March levels) and disbursements person improved, and barring immoderate large interaction from the Covid 3rd wave, Bajaj expects to instrumentality to mean maturation levels successful guardant quarters.

  • Bajaj Finance has announced a strategy to get into the payments concern via rollout of wallets and merchants acquiring concern implicit Q3 and Q4 of FY21. The strategy is credible and that this, on with the relaunch of its main user app from Oct 31, volition summation user engagement with the platform.

  • While halfway payments are improbable to marque money, Bajaj Finance’s nett motor tin easy prolong the investments needed and indebtedness organisation origination connected the level could offset investments needed. “Our investigation app information shows a marked summation implicit past twelvemonth levels connected progressive users and downloads this year.”

  • Bajaj Finance has seen normalization successful bounce rates successful July and this bodes good for guardant 4th recognition costs.

  • Resumption successful user enactment station easiness of lockdowns arsenic good arsenic rollout of integer initiatives successful the 2nd fractional of the fiscal should thrust an acceleration successful plus growth. The institution tin instrumentality to normalized gait of Rs 9,000-9,500 crore accretion per quarter, translating into 20% full-year indebtedness growth.


  • Maintains ‘buy’ with a people terms of Rs 6,950, implying a imaginable upside of 16.6%.

  • Slow user loans bounds plus growth, excluding IPO financing of Rs 2,900 crore. Urban user loans were the slowest astatine 5% — lockdowns person had the astir terrible interaction connected this.

  • Tech strategy volition leverage existing network. It volition beryllium little ‘burn to grow’ and much cross-sell to existing customers, aiming to summation engagement.

  • Bajaj plans to person a broad payments merchandise set, among others. Launch timeline includes October-November 2021 for the user app and security and investments marketplace. January 2022 for the merchants app and February-March 2022 for spouse app.


  • Downgrades to ‘hold’, cuts people terms to Rs 6,390 from Rs 6,500, inactive implying a imaginable upside of 7.5%.

  • Earnings missed estimates, plus prime show was weaker than expected.

  • Higher delinquencies led to elevated provisions and involvement reversals. The inability to cod during the Covid-19 related lockdown contributed to the surge successful NPAs.

  • Slippages were chiefly driven by the three-wheeler conception wrong car finance, which comprises astir 30% of wide car loans. Requests for restructuring were little than before.

  • Other drivers of net cuts isolated from little plus maturation are a simplification successful nett involvement borderline and income estimates to physique successful the rising proportionality of mortgages (which is facing competitory unit connected yields and is inherently a debased dispersed business) and -2.6% recognition costs successful FY21.

  • Moderating plus maturation outlook, nett involvement borderline unit owed to changing indebtedness premix and overhang connected plus prime owed to Covid-19-related disruptions are apt to stay headwinds to a re-rating from here.

  • Value instauration from integer translation is not quantifiable. Near-term upside should beryllium limited.

  • Lowers estimates by astir 8% for some FY22 and FY23 to origin successful little plus maturation and unit connected nett involvement income.

Motilal Oswal

  • Maintains ‘buy’ with a people terms of Rs 6,750 apiece.

  • Despite the transitory deterioration successful plus prime and resultant precocious recognition costs, Q1 was a decent 4th for Bajaj Finance.

  • Customer acquisitions and caller loans booked were steadfast adjacent successful a pandemic-disrupted quarter. Covid-related disruptions are known unknowns, and the quantum of interaction connected disbursements / plus prime is hard to ascertain.

  • In the discourse of the beardown betterment seen successful July 2021, the institution should beryllium capable to present pre-Covid levels of quarterly run-rate successful plus maturation for the remainder of FY22.

  • Provided determination is nary caller Covid wave, the NBFC is expected to incorporate recognition costs astatine astir 2.6% successful FY22.

  • Margins are apt to spot a crisp betterment successful FY22 connected little outgo of funds, reduced liquidity, and a favourable basal owed to involvement reversals.

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