Analysts Bet On ICICI Bank's Valuations Catching Up With HDFC Bank

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HDFC Bank Ltd. and ICICI Bank Ltd. person an aged rivalry. The former, by virtuousness of being the dependable workhorse of the sector, has ever commanded higher valuations than the latter, which has faced much predominant bouts of volatility.

Analysts are present hoping that the spread betwixt the 2 volition constrictive arsenic ICICI Bank takes the pb successful increasing its retail and tiny concern portfolio, portion accelerating its technology. HDFC Bank, meanwhile, has been cautious connected maturation for the past fewer quarters and remains nether restrictions from the Reserve Bank of India.

Jefferies, successful a enactment connected Thursday, said it sees amended traction connected retail indebtedness maturation and nett involvement income for ICICI Bank versus HDFC Bank. Growth successful concern banking has been supportive and clarity connected plus prime would amended visibility connected nett involvement borderline for ICICI Bank, the brokerage said.

ICICI Bank's discount to HDFC Bank's valuations has narrowed to 35-40%, said Jefferies, adding this could further constrictive to 25-30%. Valuation for ICICI Bank astatine 2.1 times price-to-book ratio is inactive attractive, it said.

Jefferies has a terms people of Rs 780 connected the stock, Shares of ICICI Bank are presently trading astatine adjacent to Rs 654 apiece.

Bernstein, successful a enactment dated July 17, raised its terms people connected ICICI Bank to Rs 790 apiece from Rs 610, citing the lender's improved integer capabilities.

"We judge investors should progressively absorption connected 1 metric — lawsuit acquisition maturation — reflected successful caller recognition cards issued, app downloads, progressive app users, InstaBiz app downloads," Bernstein said successful its report. Market stock and indebtedness maturation should travel lawsuit acquisition for prime granular retail categories, the probe location said.

According to Bernstein, ICICI Bank is good positioned to grow, some owed to comfy levels of superior and its debased outgo deposit base. The indebtedness portfolio premix is besides changing towards retail and SME, distant from riskier firm loans. This is driving an betterment successful plus quality.

Bernstein, too, argued that determination is simply a lawsuit for a narrowing of the valuation discount with the 'best-in-class'.

We expect the improving plus prime to thrust little recognition costs for FY22 and FY23. We estimation the slope volition execute a 1.7% Return connected Assets / 15% Return connected Equity successful FY23.

Bernstein Research

In a study connected July 8, Macquarie Securities upgraded its terms people connected ICICI Bank to Rs 820 per share.

"We judge ICICI is good connected way to amended its instrumentality connected assets levels to 1 of the champion successful the manufacture implicit the adjacent fewer years. We expect a absorption connected indebtedness growth, margins and keeping a choky leash connected recognition costs volition thrust net growth," said Macquarie, forecasting 24% net per stock maturation connected a compounded yearly ground implicit the adjacent 3 years.

According to Macquarie, ICICI Bank has been gaining marketplace stock crossed a fig of conception — recognition cards, NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer), RTGS (real clip gross colony system) transfers.

In particular, its ICICI Bank-Amazon recognition paper has been a success. "Almost 50% of the incremental summation successful recognition cards successful the past 10 months has been driven by its Amazon co-branded recognition cards."

Balance expanse growth, Macquarie said, is being pursued with a absorption connected maintaining margins astatine higher levels. "We powerfully judge that the prime of maturation is bully this clip around," the study said.

We summation FY22-24 estimated net by 13-17% chiefly connected relationship of amended margins. A choky absorption connected outgo of funds and subject connected pricing has helped ICICI Bank to support margins astatine higher levels.

Macquarie Securities

Analysts Bet On ICICI Bank's Valuations Catching Up With HDFC Bank

All the 50 analysts tracking ICICI Bank person a 'buy' standing connected the stock, according to Bloomberg data. The mean of the 12-month statement terms people implies an upside of 11.2%.

On the different hand, 44 of the 50 analysts tracking HDFC Bank person a 'buy' standing connected the stock, portion 5 urge a 'hold' and 1 suggests a 'sell'. The 12-month instrumentality imaginable is 21.1%.

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