Afghan Finance Minister Quits, Leaves Country as Taliban Advance

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Aug 11 2021, 1:04 PMAug 11 2021, 1:28 PMAugust 11 2021, 1:04 PMAugust 11 2021, 1:28 PM

(Bloomberg) -- Afghanistan’s acting concern curate Khalid Payenda has resigned and near the state aft the Taliban captured cardinal customs posts bleeding the medication of revenue, reinforcing the government’s isolation arsenic the militants marque swift gains.

Payenda has “resigned and near the state due to the fact that Afghanistan is grappling with declining revenues aft the takeover of the customized posts,” Finance Ministry spokesperson Mohammad Rafi Tabe said successful a telephone interrogation Wednesday. “The deteriorating information situation” and traveling to beryllium with his ailing woman abroad, were the different reasons Tabe gave.

Afghan Finance Minister Quits, Leaves Country arsenic  Taliban Advance

It wasn’t instantly wide wherever Payenda was going to.

The erstwhile curate tweeted Tuesday to accidental helium was quitting his station but gave nary reasons for it. The lawman curate for customs and revenues, Alem Shah Ibrahimi, volition beryllium successful complaint until a caller assignment is announced.

Payenda wasn’t instantly disposable for comment.

With U.S. and NATO troops slated for a implicit exit by Aug. 31, a resurgent Taliban person overrun respective provincial capitals successful caller days. The militants person besides seized respective important customized posts causing President Ashraf Ghani’s authorities to suffer arsenic overmuch arsenic $30 cardinal successful import duties past period alone. The taxes relationship for astir fractional of Afghanistan’s full home revenues, estimated to beryllium astir 216.5 cardinal Afghanis this year.

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