A Teacher Who Told Her Students To Salute Gay Pride Flag Has Been Removed From Her Classroom

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A California schoolteacher posted connected societal media a video of herself instructing students to pledge allegiance to the cheery pridefulness flag.

The video went viral, and enactment conservatives successful an uproar implicit what is being taught to children.

After possibly an unexpected level of notoriety, that teacher has since been removed from the classroom.

Watch her viral video:

Teacher mocks the American Flag and suggests to students they tin accidental the Pledge of Allegiance to the pridefulness flag: pic.twitter.com/1QTS5xjPln

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) August 27, 2021

Teacher Made Pledge of Allegiance Optional

The teacher, Kristin Pitzen, posted a video connected TikTok wherever she said she got escaped of the American emblem successful her Orange County, California schoolroom due to the fact that it made her consciousness “uncomfortable.”

She is present connected administrative leave.

Annette Franco, a spokesperson for the Newport Mesa Unified School District, said, “We are alert that 1 of our teachers posted a video connected their idiosyncratic societal media that caused alarm and interest related to saluting the American flag.”
“Showing respect for our nation’s emblem is an important worth that we instill successful our students and an anticipation of our employees,” Franco said.

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She added, “I guarantee you, we instrumentality matters similar this earnestly and volition beryllium taking enactment to code it.”

“The teacher is nary longer successful the classroom,” she said. “We travel owed process and our probe continues.”

“The schoolhouse district’s argumentation requires that each schoolhouse conducts regular patriotic exercises, including the pledge of allegiance, with an knowing that the pledge is an look of patriotism and pridefulness successful the U.S.,” KTLA reported.

The quality outlet added, “But individuals whitethorn take not to enactment successful the emblem salute for idiosyncratic reasons.”

Pitzen deleted her TikTok account, but the @libsoftiktok Twitter relationship saved the arguable video and posted.

It went viral.

To date, it has been viewed implicit 1.6 cardinal times, and the tweet has astir 6,000 Likes.

In the video, Pitzen says, “OK, truthful during 3rd period, we person announcements and they bash the Pledge of Allegiance.”

“I ever archer my class, ‘Stand if you consciousness similar it, don’t basal if you consciousness similar it, accidental the words if you want, don’t person to accidental the words,” she said.

Kristin Pitzen, a teacher for @nmusd successful Orange County, Calif., recorded herself connected TikTok talking astir however she took down the US emblem & has her students pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ BLM trans flag. https://t.co/uE0DSERpCq

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 29, 2021

Pitzen: ‘My Room Does Not Have A Flag’

“So, my people decided to basal but not accidental the words. Totally fine,” Pitzen continued. “Except for the information that my country does not person a flag.”

Pitzen said she removed the American emblem from her schoolroom due to the fact that “it made maine uncomfortable.”

Pitzen said, “I packed it distant and I don’t cognize where, and I haven’t recovered it yet.”

A pupil asked what they should bash during the Pledge of Allegiance,. Pitzen replied, “In the meantime, I archer this kid, ‘We bash person a emblem successful the people that you tin pledge your allegiance to.’ And helium like, looks astir and goes, ‘Oh, that one?'”

She pointed astatine the cheery pridefulness emblem successful her classroom.

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