A Rs 100-Crore Revenue FMCG Company On Sale For Rs 5 Lakh

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20 Sep 2021, 8:21 AM IST20 Sep 2021, 8:21 AM IST20 Sep 2021, 8:21 AM IST20 Sep 2021, 8:21 AM IST

Not agelong ago, it was 1 of the astir promising user goods startups. Today, its LinkedIn illustration throws up an Error 403–Forbidden—an apt statement of its existent authorities of affairs.

Why is this institution with a gross yearly gross of implicit Rs 100 crore successful the past 3 years connected merchantability for arsenic small arsenic Rs 5 lakh?

The hunt for an reply to that question has thrown up a peculiar concern story. Of an ousted founder-entrepreneur, an ambitious main fiscal officer, and 2 overseas backstage equity firms seemingly hopeless to exit.

Why other would they, aft having invested adjacent to Rs 446 crore successful the business, with profitability yet successful sight, beryllium consenting to merchantability retired for truthful little?

In an property of unicorns, the communicative of Global Consumer Products Pvt. unravels similar a Greek tragedy.

GCPL was founded successful 2013 by Arumugan Mahendran, soon aft helium stepped down arsenic the managing manager Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.—also commonly known arsenic GCPL but we'll telephone it Godrej Consumer to debar confusion.

Mahendran had served successful assorted managerial roles implicit a span of 28 years astatine galore concern groups. At Godrej Consumer, helium was managing manager for astir 7 years earlier turning entrepreneur himself.

He acceptable retired to physique a institution focused connected household insecticides and consumables specified arsenic chocolates and beverages, each businesses helium had erstwhile built for Godrej Consumer.

That Mahendran was sued by his erstwhile leader for breach of spot is simply a antithetic story. Given his acquisition successful these segments, Mahendran recovered the backing of 2 blue-chip investors successful Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Group.

Goldman Sachs invested done Broad Street Investments Holding (Singapore) Pte and MBD Bridge Street 2013 Investments (Singapore) Pte, portion Mitsui Group invested done MGI Global Fund L.P. and Mitsui & Co Ltd.

“It was a startup,” Mahendran said successful a telephone interrogation with BloombergQuint. “I started with investors and I besides brought successful a marque and created this concern and brought successful a squad successful 2014-15.”

Over 5 years, the 2 investors pumped implicit Rs 445 crore into the venture. It launched ‘CheriO’ effect beverages, ‘DND’ household insecticides and chocolates nether the ‘LuvIt’ brand.

GCPL followed an asset-light model. While the institution owned the merchandise and handled marketing, manufacturing was contracted to a 3rd party.

Net income roseate to implicit Rs 90 crore wrong 3 years of operations and stayed successful the Rs 90-110 crore scope subsequently. By fiscal 2018, the institution had racked successful losses worthy Rs 328 crore.

Around that time, the firm matrimony started coming apart.

In January 2018, Mahendran stepped down from an progressive absorption role. The circumstantial reasons are not known. When asked whether the separation was acrimonious, each Mahendran was consenting to accidental was: “It was an exit by design.”

According to a institution executive, who spoke connected the information of anonymity retired of employment concerns, interior authorities betwixt representatives of the backstage equity firms and the absorption made it hard for Mahendran to stay.

Mahendran wouldn't confirm. He distanced himself from the institution starting 2018, helium said. "I was inactive from January 2018, though officially connected documents it could beryllium June 2019."

By 2019, his shareholding was down to 0.71%. The amended share-purchase statement betwixt him and the 2 investors, reviewed by BloombergQuint, provided for the termination of his rights and obligations.

The archetypal statement betwixt Mahendran and investors was for six years. Yet, it went sideways aft 3 years and Mahendran decided to exit. He agreed to amend the share-purchase agreement, which released him from each rights and obligations.

Another committee insider who spoke to BloombergQuint said Mahendran's exit whitethorn person been show related. But it was a determination among shareholders that was not discussed astatine the committee level. He was fixed an honorable exit, the insider said, requesting to stay unnamed citing concern reasons.

In an emailed effect to BloombergQuint, a Goldman Sachs spokesperson “declined to comment” connected the queries raised to its nominee manager Sriram Kumar.

Similar email queries to the 2 nominee directors—Hiroaki Sagane and Atsushi Fujii—of Mitsui Group remained unanswered.

GCPL's fortunes turned betwixt 2019 and 2021. Mahendran's exit from progressive absorption prompted the shareholders to name past Chief Financial Officer Kamal Kumar Agarwal arsenic the interim CEO, 1 of the insiders said. Agarwal was brought successful by Mahendran successful 2014-15. Agarwal, successful turn, hired Sanjay Dawer to articulation arsenic manager successful the concern department.

According to their LinkedIn profiles, some worked unneurotic astatine Cadbury India Ltd. betwixt 2007 and 2008 and subsequently astatine the Ferroro Group betwixt 2008 and 2014. Both were abruptly catapulted to apical positions.

Agarwal was made main enforcement serviceman and subsequently joined the committee arsenic a manager successful September 2019, according to filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. But according to his LinkedIn profile, helium is main operating serviceman and enforcement manager since September 2019. Dawer was appointed main fiscal officer—he joined the GCPL committee this twelvemonth successful March, according to MCA filings reviewed by BloombergQuint.

GCPL chopped its fiscal losses, too, successful 3 years. Mostly connected relationship of assertive outgo cuts, the operating nonaccomplishment declined from Rs 94 crore successful 2017-18 to Rs 22 crore successful FY21, amusement fiscal documents filed with MCA.

By the extremity of FY21, Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Group had invested astir Rs 450 crore successful the institution done mean equity and cumulative convertible penchant shares, according to the amended share-purchase statement betwixt the 3 investors and institution reviewed by BloombergQuint.

The funds were infused successful 7 tranches, each clip astatine Rs 20 per share. The past infusion of Rs 70 crore was successful FY20. That valued the institution astatine Rs 519 crore. One twelvemonth later, the 2 investors were acceptable to merchantability it for Rs 5 lakh.

Enter Pink Tree Investment Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated by Agarwal and Dawer successful January 2021 with an archetypal equity superior of Rs 1 lakh, according to the company's certificate of incorporation filed with MCA. The filings showed the institution was acceptable up to undertake strategical investments successful different companies.

On June 23, astatine an bonzer wide gathering called astatine a abbreviated notice, Pink Tree Investment shareholders passed a solution to put successful GCPL by acquiring shares for Rs 5 lakh.

That aforesaid day, Pink Tree Investment signed a share-purchase statement with Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Entities that owned astir of GCPL for the aforesaid amount. BloombergQuint reviewed the share-purchase statement signed by each parties.

The statement allows merchantability of 99.29% of the equity superior and 99.36% of the penchant superior to Pink Tree Investment. The statement says, “Due to operational losses implicit the years by the Company, fiscal nether show implicit the years, and assorted commercialized considerations, Sellers person decided to merchantability their full shares (52.84 lakh equity shares and 25.24 of CCPS) to Pink Tree for a full information of Rs 5 lakh."

Pink Tree subsequently raised its equity superior to Rs 5 lakh via allotment of equity shares that resulted successful Agarwal owning 90% and Dawer holding 10%.

BloombergQuint's emails to Agarwal and Dawer stay unanswered. When reached implicit the phone, each Agarwal confirmed was that Pink Tree Investment is an concern conveyance owned by him and Dawer.

While overmuch of the merchantability enactment was centered during mid-2021, 1 insider said enactment had started aboriginal successful the year, which is wherefore Pink Tree Investment was incorporated then.

To corroborate that, BloombergQuint reached retired to Ashok Kumar Dhingra, the lone autarkic manager connected GCPL's committee astatine the time. Dhingra resigned successful March 2021 citing wellness reasons.

“I americium touching 70 years and owed to wellness considerations, I took the determination to measurement down from the board,” Dhingra said implicit telephone to BloombergQuint.

He is presently successful Bengaluru and has worked with galore FMCG companies including HUL and SAB Miller Plc anterior to joining the GCPL committee successful 2014.

“I had nary cognition of immoderate woody erstwhile I was resigning and nor I person immoderate cognition now,” Dhingra said.

Mahendran, too, claimed to beryllium unaware of the merchantability transaction.

"I bash not person an sentiment connected shareholders selling involvement astatine immoderate value, arsenic it is their prerogative, cipher tin question," helium said adding that the question of just worth is betwixt the purchaser and the seller, income taxation authorities, the registrar of companies and different authorities authorities.

"It is their work to look into this."

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